Tilesets (High Rock)

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All sets have not yet been completed The list has been updated according to the Tileset list (July 9, 2020)

Western Reach

  • Western Reach Rural set (WIP)
  • Western Reach Urban set (WIP)
  • Evermore city set
  • Bjoulsae River Tribes set
  • Centaur Encampment
  • Malekna Terrain set

Lesser Bretony/Illiac Bay

  • Illiac Bay underwater set
  • Western Terrain set
  • Daggerfall/Camlorn(Bretonian city) set
  • Wayrest set
  • Bretonian Rural set
  • Bretic (wood/stone) castle sets
  • Ruined Town/Castle Set

The Wrothgarians

  • Orsinium set (Concept
  • Wrothgarian Mountains Terrain set

The North Coast

  • North main terrain set
  • Northern Coast cliffs set
  • Northern Coast (Balothian Bay) underwater set
  • Norman Rural set (Concept)
  • Norman Urban set (Concept)
  • Norman Mountain-Fort set

Dungeon Sets

  • Wizard Tower set
  • Direnni expansion set
  • Cave sets



  • Northern Coast Coves
  • Generic Cave sets
  • Burrows set


  • Crypt of Hearts (set mix)
  • Crypt of Hearts depths set
  • Bretic Mausoleum
  • Ancient Bretic/Nedic Crypts
  • Mass Graves set


  • Direnni set expansion
  • Modern Direnni set


  • Castle Dungeon/Dungeon-Dungeon set
  • Wizard Tower set
  • City sewer set
  • Pirate set

Other sets

  • Dreugh Citadel set (Tamriel Rebuilt)
  • Dreugh Enclave set (Tamriel Rebuilt)
  • Warped Battlefield/Warp Space set


  • Gwylim Paradoxical set
  • Gwylim Depths set
  • Tree of Many Faces
  • Adamantine Tower
  • Entrance of the Crypt of Hearts
  • Idol of The Last Witch-King
  • Wayrest Palace
  • Daggerfall Palace
  • Farrun Castle
  • Evermore castle
  • King Dead-Wolf-Deer Burrow
  • Evermore Castle
  • Evermore Wizard Tower/Castle
  • Shornhelm Crypt Uniques
  • Western Reach Effigies