Tamriel Data Deprecation Guidelines

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When deprecating an object from Tamriel_Data, there are a few steps you need to take. First, in a separate .ESP from your asset, rename the object to <deprecated> and change the object path to meshes\td\td_help_deprec_01.nif, and replacing the icon with the default Icons\default icon.dds if necessary. This esp will get merged into TD_Deprecated - Replace me!.ESP, DO NOT merge cube esps into the main Tamriel_Data esm. Each deprecated object must have its ID put into the list in Tamriel_Data-metadata.toml. Devs not using CSSE will be flogged! Do nothing with the deprecated files lol. Don't change IDs if you can avoid it, its a pain in the ass and not worth it. However if it's unavoidable:

  1. Create a translation .txt file to package with your asset. In this .txt, you must put a line for every placeable object being replaced. For example: T_De_FurnP_Chair_01:furn_de_p_chair_02
    • If there will not be a direct replacement for the asset being removed, all usage in section files must be accounted for. You might have to manually go through the asset usage and remove/tidy up, either by right clicking the ID in the Object window and looking at the "Info" tab, or by cycling through the whole list with the Ctrl-F function.
  2. For any creatures or lootable objects, please make sure to remove all instances of the object from leveled lists, containers and NPCs. Use the right click > Info feature to track these down.