Settlements (Morrowind)

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This [work-in-progress] page lists the major settlements of Morrowind for the purposes of Tamriel Rebuilt and links to settlement-specific articles, if available.

Vvardenfell District

  • Old Ebonheart – only nominally part of Vvardenfell District, this Imperial-style city is on the mainland in Aanthirin Region. It is the center of administration for Morrowind's Imperial Legion and East Empire Company, as well as being a bustling trade city and a port of entry for immigrants from the other provinces.

Velothis Disctrict

Deshaan Disctrict

  • Sotha Sil – the hidden city of the third tribune, now mostly ruins.

Narsis District

  • Narsis – Morrowind's second-largest and (probably) richest city, capital of House Hlaalu, and home to the Imperial Proconsulate.