Religion (Elsweyr)

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The khajiit worship the phases of Masser and Secunda, and the combination of their phases, as if they were gods. Therefore, each form/breed of khajiit has its own patron deity. It was commonly believed among Imperials that this form of religion was heathen but, as of 2E 864, had subsequently been surmised that the lunar gods of Elsweyr were merely other forms of the gods of the Imperial Pantheon (Stendarr, Mara, Kynareth, etc.). Similarly, it has been surmised that the dark spirits of Elsweyr (the dro-m’Athra, which correspond to the inverse phases of Masser and Secunda) are aspects of more universal Daedric powers. The khajiit believe that their gods regularly bestow blessings upon their people in the form of moon sugar.