Regions (Morrowind)

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The Tamriel Rebuilt gridmap showing regions, as of June 2023.

The political structure of Morrowind is divided into several districts, of which one is Vvardenfell known form the original game. The gameplay regions can be roughly divided among these districts.

Telvannis District

The Telvannis District encompasses the dangerous and isolationist northeastern part of Morrowind, home to the ruthless Telvanni wizard lords. This was among the first parts of Tamriel Rebuilt to be developed, released as the Telvannis and Antediluvian Secrets expansions in 2006 and 2008, respectively. In 2022, the western seaboard of the Telvanni peninsula was also the first of our old, released areas to be overhauled in the Embers of Empire expansion. In the distant future, we plan to fully overhaul the entire peninsula with unique assets to make it truly fitting as the realm of the mad wizards.

Mournhold District

The Mournhold District stretching from Telvannis to the Deshaan plains, and from the Thirr river to the Padomaic Ocean, forms Morrowind’s heartland and is the citadel of House Indoril. Released for the most part in the 2012 expansion Sacred East, this district, too, is in line for a major overhaul, part of which is already ongoing.

Deshaan District

The Holy Grail of Tamriel Rebuilt, the southeastern Deshaan District is host to the only Great House that saw no depiction at all in vanilla TES: III, House Dres. Following the scrapping of early 2000s work, Tamriel Rebuilt spent much of the mid-2010s coming up with unique designs for this region, but asset work has not yet progressed to the point where any implementation can begin.

Narsis District

The southwestern quadrant of Morrowind’s mainland has a distinctive yellow-to-red hue. Once known as the Redoran Waters March with the Hlaalu confined to the cities of Narsis and Kragenmoor, the entire Narsis District is now the stronghold of House Hlaalu, who has heavily cultivated its lands. Aside from a long-discarded early-2000s iteration using vanilla assets, these landscapes are the newest ones being developed for Tamriel Rebuilt, relying entirely on custom assets and adhering to our most recent standards.

Velothis District

Bordering Indoril lands to the southeast, Hlaalu lands to the south, and Cyrodiil and Skyrim to the west, the mountainous Velothis District forms the northwestern arm of Morrowind, controlled by House Redoran. All exteriors in the Velothis District were finished over the course of 2009 to 2014 (superseding a very old, early 00’s version), as were a large proportion of interior claims, and the results are largely aesthetically pleasing. After some touch-ups, the southern part of the district was released as Dominions of Dust in 2022. However, as the questing department couldn’t manage to keep pace with exterior and interior progress in the central-to-northern Velothis, these lands have been neglected for a long time. By current quality standards, many of them will require substantial overhauls, once development effort is directed back towards the Velothis.

Ocean Regions

These large ocean regions stretch far beyond the shores of Morrowind and are, thus, shared among the different province modding projects by way of Tamriel Data.