Order of the Tower

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ThomasRuz orderofthetowercrest.png
Order of the Tower
Allegiance Evermore
Joinable Yes
Associated Skills
  • Alteration
  • Alchemy
  • Blunt
Leader TBC
Associated Colour Lavender, Pastel Green, Grey

"The Order of the Tower are a group of knights that congregate in the city of Evermore. These wizard-knights have had a lasting goal of studying Direnni history and culture since they were founded. High ranking members of the order will build towers that resemble the elvish towers of old, often refereed to as Hedge-Wizards. Many members have unlocked the secrets of Direnni alchemy and alteration, being some of Tamriel's foremost experts on the subjects."

Though they're prestigious, the Evermore magister council thinks of them as expendable pawns to be used in their quibbles.