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Dawn Era

Convention –

  • At the end of the Dawn Era, the Aedra meet at the Adamantine Tower for the Convention. At the Convention, they decide the laws of the world, and the Heart of Lorkhan is flung across Nirn. The heart lands in what will become Morrowind, and Red Mountain forms around it.

Merethic Era

ME 2500 –

  • The Dawn Era ends and linear time begins.

Middle Merethic –

  • The Aldmer leave their possibly-mythical continent of Aldmeris and settle on the Summerset Isles.
  • The Aldmeri explorer Topal the Pilot discovers Tamriel when trying to find Aldmeris.
  • Aldmer explorers chart the coast of the island of Vvardenfell and create wizard towers at Ald Redaynia, Bal Fell, Tel Aruhn, and Tel Mora.
  • The Aldmeri nobleman Veloth is spoken to by Azura, Boethiah, and Mephala. He is told that the Daedra are the true ancestors of the Aldmer and that people should strive to reach a state of enlightenment called the Psijic Endeavor. Veloth spreads his ideas across Summerset and soon he had many loyal followers ready to leave Summerset for their promised land.
  • Veloth and his followers prepare to leave Summerset, but the Aedra Trinimac tries to intervene. Boethiah swallows Trinimac and takes his shape, then speaks foolish words to the Velothi so as to discredit Trinimac. Veloth and his followers leave Summerset and Boethiah passes Trinimac as dung. Trinimac's followers rub the remains of him on their skin, transforming them into the Orcs and Trinimac into Malacath.
  • The lesser Daedra lords Molag Bal, Mehrunes Dagon, Sheogorath, and Malacath follow the Velothi across Tamriel.
  • Veloth crosses Shipal-Shin and discovers the promised land, which he names Resdayn. The Dwemer already live in central and northern Resdayn.
  • The city of Narsis is founded, and High Velothi Culture dominates Resdayn. The High Velothi are taught architecture, ancestor-worship, and magic by Boethiah. The High Velothi slowly transform into the distinct Chimer race. They frequently feud with the Dwemer.

Late Merethic –

  • High Velothi Culture disappears, and the Chimer are reduced to tribal cultures. All that remains of High Velothi Culture are Velothi Towers that lie ruined around the province. The wizard towers built by the Aldmer are left abandoned.
  • The Velothi slowly form societies around noble families, called Houses. House Chimer culture becomes dominant, however several traditional societies called Ashlanders remain.

ME 0/1E 1 –

  • Eplear Camoran conquers Valenwood and forms the Empire of Camoria. He declares the beginning of the First Era.

First Era

1E 240 –

  • High King Vrage the Gifted of Skyrim declares the Skyrim Conquests, and the Nords invade Resdayn and High Rock.

Nord-Ruled Morrowind –

  • Resdayn falls under the control of the Nordic Empire. Chimer and Dwemer alike resist Nordic control, however they do not cooperate with each other due to their frequent border skirmishes.
  • The Chimer Mora Nerevar and the Dwemer Dumac Dwarf-King unite both Chimer and Dwemer to defeat the Nords.

1E 416 –

  • The Chimer and Dwemer drive the Nords out of Resdayn at the First Battle of Red Mountain, and Nerevar and Dumac organize the Houses into the First Council of Resdayn. Peace and prosperity reigns.
  • Some Nords remain near the border with Skyrim. They become the Nail-Knock Reavers.

1E 420 –

  • Some Dwemer clans such as Clan Kragen leave Resdayn for the east instead of cooperating with the Chimer.

The Days of Resdaynia –

  • The houses are sorted into Great Houses, consisting of Great House Hlaalu, Great House Indoril, Great House Dres, Great House Telvanni, Great House Redoran, Great House Dagoth, and Great House Dwemer. House Raathim is also powerful due to its capital city Khalaan.
  • The Dwemer's territories during this period are known as the Second Dwemer Empire.
  • Nerevar marries Indoril Almalexia, becoming Indoril Nerevar Mora. Dumac gives Nerevar and Almalexia the swords Trueflame and Hopesfire as wedding gifts.
  • Nerevar is advised by the poet Vivec, the scholar Sotha Sil, and Voryn Dagoth, leader of Great House Dagoth.
  • Nerevar is gifted the ring One-Clan-Under-Moon-and-Star by Azura, which kills the wearer if that wearer is not Nerevar.
  • The Dwemer high craftlord Kagrenac begins work on the robot Numidium, a brass god powered by the Heart of Lorkhan.

1E 461 –

  • Dumac and Nerevar attend the coronation of the Alessian Empire's emperor Gorieus.

1E 668 –

  • Voryn Dagoth becomes aware of Kagrenac's plan and alerts Nerevar. After confronting Dumac, who was unaware of the schemes of Kagrenac, Nerevar and Dumac declare war on each other. The War of the First Council begins.
  • Nerevar unites the Great Houses and Ashlander tribes with him as their Hortator and takes Alandro Sul to be his shield-companion.
  • The beginning of the War of the First Council is marked by the eruption of Red Mountain. This event is so devastating that it spreads across all of Tamriel, and is called Sun's Death or the Year of Winter in Summer.
  • Voryn Dagoth convinces the Nords led by High King Wulfarth to attempt to reconquer Morrowind, the Nords bring a band of Orcs with them.
  • The War of the First Council ends with the Second Battle of Red Mountain. It is speculated by some that Kagrenac activated the Numidium at the battle, which caused a Dragon Break. Regardless, the effects of the battle were clear.
  • All Dwemer on Nirn disappear, the only survivor being Yagrum Bagarn, who survived because he was in an outer realm at the time.
  • Almalexia, Sotha Sil, and Vivec become gods known as the Tribunal using the Heart of Lorkhan and Tools of Kagrenac. The Heart of Lorkhan also grants Voryn Dagoth godlike powers, becoming known as Dagoth Ur.
  • Indoril Nerevar is killed at Red Mountain, Dagoth Ur is left either dead or asleep in the Heart Chamber of Red Mountain, and all Chimer are given ashen skin and red eyes.
  • The Tribunal claim that the change in skin and eye color is a blessing from them, and rename the race the Dunmer, or Dark Elves, and quickly seize control of Resdayn, now called Morrowind.
  • The Inner Sea is created, dividing Vvardenfell from the mainland.
  • The Grand Council of Morrowind is organized by the Tribunal, consisting of Houses Hlaalu, Indoril, Dres, Telvanni, and Redoran, as House Dagoth was assimilated into the other houses.
  • High King Wulfarth is killed, turning into a spirit dedicated to the destruction of the Tribunal.
  • Trueflame is shattered during the battle.
  • The Ashlander tribes reject the godhood of the Tribunal, living in self-exile and worshiping the Daedra. Their primary account of Red Mountain comes from Alandro Sul, who claims he saw the Tribunal murder Nerevar.

Early Tribunate –

  • Dunmer culture adapts to the changes in their society. The Tribunal Temple is formed to enforce the authority of the Temple. They begin spreading the story that the Tribunal gained godhood via outstanding achievements. The Temple suppresses information and rumors regarding the death of Nerevar, ascension of the Tribunal, and the prophecy that Nerevar will be reincarnated, the Nerevarine Prophecy.
  • Vivec constructs a city on the waters of Norvayn Bay in Vvardenfell, and Almalexia claims the city of Mournhold.
  • House Raathim asks Sotha Sil to take Khalaan as his home. In response, Sotha Sil makes every Dunmer born in Khalaan for a generation unable to speak. The silent language of Ebonheart is created.
  • House Raathim is absorbed by Great House Indoril.
  • Sotha Sil constructs the Clockwork City deep within the depths of Nirn.
  • The moonlet Baar Dau is flung into Vivec's city. Vivec stops it before its fall and turns it into the Ministry of Truth.
  • Ashlanders who leave their tribes and live among the House Dunmer are disgraced by both groups. These Dunmer become known as the Velothi.

1E 707 –

  • A House Dagoth child adopted by the general Indoril Triffith declares the rise again of the Sixth House. The rebellion is crushed and the leader retreats to Red Mountain.

The Middle Dawn –

  • A two-thousand year Dragon Break begins in the thirteenth century of the First Era.
  • The Tribunal, Good Daedra, and House of Troubles all defend Morrowind's borders during this time of spiritual unrest.

1E 2200 –

  • The Sload release the Thrassian Plague onto Tamriel. It is speculated that this was a response to the Middle Dawn.

1E 2260 –

  • The king of Anvil Bendu Olo organizes ships from all across Tamriel to counterattack the Sload.
  • Olo's All Flags Navy raids the Sload's home, the Coral Kingdom of Thras, and the Sload are forced to destroy Thras to survive. Pre-Middle Dawn Sload culture is eradicated.

1E 2703 –

  • The Tsaesci, a race of the continent of Akavir, invade Tamriel via Morrowind's northern coast.
  • Vivec responds to the invasion by forming an alliance with the trident-kings of the Dreugh, flanking the Tsaesci and forcing them to retreat into Pale Pass.

1E 2840 –

  • The Reman Empire, having conquered the rest of Tamriel, invades Morrowind, beginning the Four-Score War.

1E 2851 –

  • Emperor Reman Cyrodiil II dies in battle during the Four-Score War.

1E 2920 –

  • Gilverdale, a town in Valenwood, is destroyed by Molag Bal. In response, Sotha Sil, who survived the destruction of his home Ald Sotha at the hands of Mehrunes Dagon as a child, forms the Coldharbor Compact. This treaty forbids Azura, Boethia, Hermaeus Mora, Hircine, Malacath, Mehrunes Dagon, Molag Bal, and Sheogorath from interfering with Nirn.
  • The battles of Bodrum and Ald Marak are raged in Morrowind.
  • Emperor Reman Cyrodiil III and Prince Juliek Cyrodiil are assassinated by the Morag Tong. Their advisor, the Tsaesci Versidue-Shaie, becomes Potentate of the Empire.
  • Mehrunes Dagon is summoned in the middle of Mournhold. He destroys the city breaking the Coldharbor Compact and killing Prince Indoril Brindisi Dorom in the process.
  • Almalexia and Sotha Sil rush to Mournhold, but they are unable to stop Dagon from destroying the city. They banish Dagon back to Oblivion, and Almalexia oversees the rebuilding of the city, now renamed Almalexia.
  • Versidue-Shaie negotiates the Cervant Truce with Vivec, ending the war in Morrowind in exchange for the coastal fortresses of Ald Umbeil, Tel Aruhn, Ald Lambasi, and Tel Mothriva.
  • Versidue-Shaie outlaws the Morag Tong in the Empire.
  • Versidue-Shaie declares the beginning of the Second Era.

Second Era

2E 324 –

  • Versidue-Shaie is assassinated by the Morag Tong. The title of potentate passes to his son, Savirien-Chorak.

2E 430 –

  • The second Akaviri Potentate, Savirien-Chorak, is assassinated by the Morag Tong, and the Reman Empire collapses.

2E 560 –

2E 572 –

  • The Akaviri race of the Kamal invades Morrowind, led by Ada'Soom dir-Kamal.
  • Almalexia summons the spirit of Wulfarth to help repel the invasion, and they succeed.

2E 603 –

  • The last documented case of the Knahaten Flu is recorded.

2E 882 –

  • The Tribunal makes the journey to Red Mountain to replenish the energy they take from the Heart of Lorkhan. They are instead met by a reawakened Dagoth Ur, who revived his kin as Ash Vampires. The Tribunal is prevented from replenishing their godly power. The resurrected House Dagoth members form leadership of the Sixth House Cult.

The Tiber Wars –

  • The Septim Empire, led by Emperor Tiber Septim, invades Morrowind.
  • Houses Indoril and Dres allow the Imperials into their borders to fight a guerilla war, while House Hlaalu proposes accommodating the Empire and House Redoran stands alone in a direct war.
  • After only a few brief skirmishes, Vivec offers Tiber Septim peace.
  • Vivec and Tiber Septim pen the Armistice, a treaty allowing Tiber Septim's Empire to peacefully annex Morrowind once the rest of Tamriel is conquered. The Armistice also allows Morrowind many unique rights that the other provinces don't have, such as the guaranteed legality of slavery and banning Imperial settlement on Vvardenfell. The Armistice also insures the creation of an Imperial puppet-kingdom as the figurehead of Morrowind. The Armistice also hands over the destroyed pieces of the Numidium to the Empire.
  • The Grand Councillor, a member of House Indoril, refuses to sign the Armistice. He is assassinated by the Morag Tong and replaced with an Imperial-sympathetic Hlaalu.
  • The Indoril ruler of Khalaan, Indoril Balver, refuses to submit to the Empire and burns down Khalaan. The ruined city is dragged into Oblivion and its residents are kept alive as spirits.
  • Theranis Raathim, taking over Khalaan, accommodates the Imperials and allows them to rebuild Khalaan as the city of Ebonheart.
  • Barenziah Hlaalu, a distant cousin of House Raathim, is ordained as Queen of Morrowind. She begins an intimate relationship with one of Tiber Septim's generals, Symmachus.

2E 896 –

  • Using the Numidium, Tiber Septim conquers the Summerset Isles. The activation of the Numidium causes a Dragon Break, and during the chaos the Numidium is destroyed by Septim's battlemage Zurin Arctus.
  • Morrowind is fully annexed into the Empire.
  • At the end of the year, Tiber Septim announces the beginning of the Third Era.

Third Era

3E 6 –

  • The uncle of Queen Barenziah, Hlaalu Athyn Llethan, becomes Duke of Almalexia.

3E 38 –

  • Tiber Septim dies. The throne passes to Emperor Pelagius.
  • General Antiochus proposes to Barenziah. She accepts.

Early Imperial Morrowind –

  • Several Imperial settlements are founded around Morrowind, such as Firewatch, Helnim, and Cormaris.
  • House Hlaalu co-opts the cities of the Waters March, taking the Othreleth Woods from House Redoran. The settle Arvud in the Armun Ashlands, and other new locations on the west bank of the Thirr River.
  • House Sadras of House Hlaalu is placed in control of Kragenmoor.
  • The the ruins of of Bal Foyen are taken over by House Hlaalu and turned into the city of Andothren.
  • The Tribunal seclude themselves in their cities, leaving the Tribunal Temple to become more and more authoritarian.
  • Vivec devotes the ancestors of all Dunmer to the Great Ghostfence of Vvardenfell in an attempt to contain Dagoth Ur.
  • The Blight and Corprus Diseases spread across Morrowind, spurring the founding of the Sixth House Cult, dedicated to Dagoth Ur.
  • Several Temple members rebel against Temple doctrine, becoming the Dissident Priests.
  • Many abolitionist movements pop up around Morrowind, unofficially supported by the Empire.
  • House Telvanni is narrowly spared from the Mages Guild monopoly by virtue of being a political organization.
  • Telvanni wizard and personal friend of Sotha Sil Divayth Fyr starts the Corprusarium underneath his home of Tel Fyr. Fyr, Yagrum Bagarn, Fyr's clone-wives begin research on a cure for Corprus.

3E 121 –

  • The War of the Red Diamond is started by the Potema Septim line. The lords of northern Morrowind join the side of Potema.

3E 127 –

  • The War of the Red Diamond practically ends. Potema Septim's territory is confined to the city of Haafingar before being killed in the Siege of Solitude. Emperor Cephorus I is crowned.

3E 141 –

  • King Pelagius Septim of Haafingar marries Duchess Katariah Raathim of Vvardenfell.

3E 145 –

  • Emperor Magnus Septim dies, and King Pelagius of Haafingar is named Emperor Pelagius III.

3E 153 –

  • After being committed to asylum on the isle of Betony, Pelagius III dies. Katariah is named Empress Katariah Septim.
  • Empress Katariah becomes one of the most glorious and loved Emperors, repairing the Empire after the chaos of the War of the Red Diamond and its aftermath.
  • Katariah has a child with Gallivere Lariat, a distant cousin of the Septims, Uriel Lariat.

3E 200 –

  • Katariah is killed during a skirmish in Black Marsh. Her death is shrouded with much secrecy and conspiracy. Regardless, her reign is remembered as prosperous and peaceful, and any statements of the contrary are considered anti-Dunmer racism. Katariah is buried beneath the city of Old Ebonheart.
  • The son of Katariah and Pelagius III, Cassynder Septim, is crowned Emperor.

3E 202 –

  • Emperor Cassynder is killed.
  • Uriel Lariat abdicates the throne of Wayrest to take the crown as Emperor Uriel IV.

Middle Imperial Morrowind –

3E 376 –

  • Barenziah and Symmachus' first child is born, Hlaalu Helseth.

3E 384 –

  • Barenziah and Symmachus' second child, Morgiah, is born.

3E 389 –

  • Emperor Uriel VII's battlemage, Jagar Tharn, colludes with Mehrunes Dagon to trap the Emperor in Oblivion. This begins the Imperial Simulacrum, a time when agitation and conflict reigned in absence of an Emperor.

3E 391 –

  • During a Tharnite-accelerated riot, Symmachus is killed
  • Barenziah abdicates the throne of Morrowind to her uncle, Athyn Llethan.
  • Barenziah and her children move to Wayrest, where Barenziah marries King Eadwyre of Wayrest.

3E 396 –

  • Dukeship of Ebonheart is seized by the Legion General Casik.
  • Casik claims that Duchess Vaynth of Firewatch is a Telvanni spy, beginning the War of Lies.
  • Houses Indoril, Redoran, and Dres claim that a Dunmer pilgrim named Roris was tortured and killed by Argonian abolitionists. They mobilize their militaries and push south into the jungles of Arnesia, beginning the Arnesian War.
  • The conflict in Arnesia is ignored by the Legionnaires at Fort Arnesia.
  • Argonian forces hold the northern bank of the Arnesian River, pushing into Dres lands and beginning the Siege of Tear.
  • House Dres uses dark magics to light the skies over Tear ablaze, forcing the Argonians to retreat from the siege. This event becomes known as the Skylamp Night.

3E 397 –

  • Duchess Vaynth outfits several native Dunmer ships and ambushes Casik's fleet. The Battle of the Inner Sea saves Firewatch from falling to Casik.
  • Casik regroups his forces and gathers Legions at Firemoth, Fort Dustmoth, and Cormaris, amassing a large fleet.
  • Casik's fleet attacks the small Imperial settlement of Nivalis on the isle of Althoa. This event goes down in history as a revolting massacre.
  • Duchess Vaynth leaves Firewatch and assembles a land army with Legions from Fort Hawkmoth, beginning the Siege of Nivalis.
  • Duchess Vaynth dies fighting in the Siege of Nivalis.
  • Redoran forces arrive in Arnesia, and a combined force of Redoran, Indoril, and Dres push southward into Arnesia.

3E 399 –

  • The survivors of Fort Dustmoth, the "Dusters", overthrow Casik and take over Ebonheart.
  • The Imperial Cult takes control of Ebonheart and punishes the Dusters.
  • The Eternal Champion kills Jagar Tharn and restores Uriel Septim VII to the throne.

3E 400 –

  • The forces of the Sixth House reclaim their ancient capital of Kogoruhn, gaining a foothold outside the confines of the Ghostfence.

3E 407 –

  • An anonymous vigilante called the Lopper begins targeting slavers in Tear.

3E 410 –

  • The Sixth House establishes bases around Vvardenfell and begins recruiting via dreams sent by Dagoth Ur.

3E 411 –

  • The Dissident Priests, fearing persecution by the Tribunal Temple, go into self-exile in the ancient monastery of Holamayan.

3E 413 –

  • King Llethan opens Vvardenfell for Imperial settlement.
  • Ebonheart is renamed Old Ebonheart and a new settlement named Ebonheart is built on the coast of Norvayn Bay.
  • House Dren of House Hlaalu relocates to Vvardenfell, the original Dren Plantation located south of Narsis is named the Old Dren Plantation.
  • House Hlaalu expands into Vvardenfell.
  • The Empire colonizes Vvardenfell.

3E 415 –

  • The Tribunal Temple estimates that the Sixth House has agents in every town on Vvardenfell.

3E 417 –

  • The Miracle of Peace or Warp in the West occurs in the Iliac Bay. Despite her presence in Wayrest at the time, Barenziah claims ignorance of what occurred at the time.
  • The rebuilt Numidium and the Blades agent who activated it disappear during the Warp.
  • In an attempt to fight back against the Sixth House, the Tribunal assault Red Mountain with the Tools of Kagrenac. Almalexia and Sotha Sil are briefly kidnapped and two of the tools are stolen. Vivec rescues Almalexia and Sotha Sil but the tools are still lost. The Tribunal completely stop appearing in public.

3E 426 –

  • A tax revolt takes place in Balmora but is quickly put down.
  • High profile political assassinations done by the Sixth House cause tensions for the Imperials and the Temple.
  • King Eadwyre of Wayrest dies, Barenziah and Helseth return to Morrowind.
  • The Empire puts Vvardenfell under quarantine to prevent the spread of the Sixth House. The quarantine is almost immediately lifted.

3E 427 –

  • The East Empire Company discovers the island of Solstheim north of Morrowind.
  • Athyn Llethan and his heir die under mysterious circumstances, Hlaalu Helseth becomes the new king of Morrowind.
  • A prisoner in the Imperial City Prison is sent to the island of Vvardenfell under direct order of the Emperor. The prisoner arrives at the Imperial port of Seyda Neen with the orders to deliver a package to a man named Caius Cosades living in Balmora.