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Elsweyr is a province that hosts a large number of factions, some Imperial and some native. Currently, they are divided into "Major Factions" and "Unsorted Factions," the former being the obvious choices for joinable main factions and the latter being undetermined.

Major Factions

Imperial Legion

The Empire's fighting force. Try to ensure the peace and the application of imperial laws in Elsweyr. Divided in several garrisons each manning its own fort and providing guardsmen for towns, cities and nobles.

Imperial Cult

The Imperial Cult tries to convert this remote province of the Empire and offers spiritual support to the Legions. The cult combines the worship of the Nine Divines: the Aedra Akatosh, Dibella, Arkay, Zenithar, Mara, Stendarr, Kynareth and Julianos.

Fighters Guild

Association of mercenaries seeking for contracts endorsed by the law.

Mages Guild

Foremost organization of magical scholarship in Elsweyr. Dedicated to the study and practical use of magic. It's also the main supplier of magical scrolls and enchanted items.

Thieves Guild

The Thieves Guild is an illegal Imperial organization of thieves and lesser gangs working under a set of laws and customs.

Twin Lamps

The Khajiit branch of the organization of the same name in Morrowind. Composed of diplomats, agents and spies, its goals are repatriation of escaped slaves, dismantlement of slavery networks and information to legal authorities.

Dark Brotherhood

Illegal assassins guild.

Unsorted Factions

Renrijra Krin

A group of khajiit bandits who have taken up the cause of returning the land in the West Niben taken away by the Count of Leyawiin to Elsweyr.

Temple of the Two-Moons Dance

An institution that has historically trained Elsweyr’s elite soldiers. Based in Ne Quin-al, the ancient capital of Anequina.


East Empire Company


Census & Excise Office