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Clambering Moor concept art by Athcliath97.

Clambering Moor is a Redoran-dominated highland moor region in the Velothis District, Morrowind.

Current Implementation

The old Clambering Moor, as it exists in TR_RestExterior.

The version currently in TR_RestExteriors is a retroactive designation given to a hodgepodge of exterior claims, most made in 2009 or 2010 in the Velothi Mountains, Bitter Coast, or Ascadian Isles style, with few uniting characteristics. It needs to be redone wholesale.


Clambering Moor gridmap from 2022-12-08.

Longstanding plans call for the Clambering Moor to be remade into a deep-red mountain grassland, accented by ivory mushrooms and some green plants, rolling down from the Velothi peaks to the Inner Sea coast. Once host to a multitude of Dwemer freeholds, the Clambering Moor is now settled by Redoran hoom and beetle ranchers, often suffering orc, goblin, or ashlander raids. Historical Nord presence will be evident in scattered barrows.

Compared to earlier plans and the current TR_RestExterior implementation, gridmap 2022-12-07 enlarged Clambering Moors towards the south, leaving only a cell's worth of Roth Roryn buffer north of Dominions of Dust release border. This will leave more space for this intriguing region at the expense of the comparatively huge, yet bland Roth Roryn.

The Roryn river will now merge into the Priyai near Kartur outpost (to be renamed), instead of flowing north. This will mean that Roth Roryn's meaning of "south of the Roryn" remains plausible.

The shoreline shape was also changed on the gridmap to remove the loathed Grenade Island.

Points of interest will include Daedric ruins, large Dwemer ruins (perhaps even a semi-functioning Dwemer vertical garden), Nordic barrows, a stronghold, goblin caves, and roaming camps of Redoran patrols, Malakh Orcs, or ashlanders.


  • Veranis – this city will act as the capital of Stones March and a faction hub, replacing the role of Kartur. In doing so, Veranis will need to be transfered to a new position overlooking an extended Roryn River. It is unclear to which extent the exterior and interiors of the old Veranis in TR_RestExterior can be reused, if all. As for why Veranis and the long-planned Kartur are now consolidated into a single city:
    • The current implementation of Kartur from 2004 by kingfish is moddy by today’s standards and would need to be redone wholesale. The same goes for almost all interiors. See further reasoning in the meeting here.
    • Kartur was to be Karthor Dale from TES I: Arena. However, years after kingfish had made the city, Bethesda released their 1996 concept map which revealed that the latter had been renamed to Omaynis. TR already includes Omaynis, albeit further east. Bodrum, moreover, already exists as a location in roughly the same place as Karthor Dale was in TES I. Hence, there is no direct lore need for a Kartur any more.
    • Stones March does not need Kartur as its capital, since it already has Veranis (Verarchen Hall from TES I) or Bodrum.
    • Clambering Moor will be a striking wilderness region with great potential for exploration. Having it be less urbanized may be beneficial.
  • Rhanim – a shack village that currently has some random Redoran-style buildings strewn in, with no clear purpose. Possibly needs to be wholly remade.
  • Fort Ashmoth – an Imperial fort, to be added, that bridges the long gap between Fort Ancylis and the Skyrim/Cyrodiil border forts.

Exterior Design Guide (Work in Progress)

Ref limit: pending example cells

Ground textures

  • T_Mw_TerrGrassCM_01 - most common grass
  • T_Mw_TerrGrassCM_02 (pending) - less common grass
  • T_Mw_TerrGrassRR_01 - common, lush grass, use near water and more fertile areas
  • T_Mw_TerrGravelVM_01
  • T_Mw_TerrMossCM_01
  • T_Mw_TerrRoadDirt_01
  • T_Mw_TerrGrassDirtCM_01 (pending)
  • T_Mw_TerrGrassMossCM_01 (pending) - for sure cut
  • T_Mw_TerrGrassRockCM_01 (pending) - potential cut
  • T_Mw_TerrMossRockCM_01 (pending) - potential cut
  • T_Mw_TerrDirtVM_01 (pending) OR T_Mw_TerrDirtCM_01 (also pending)
  • T_Mw_TerrRockVM_01/02 (pending)
  • T_Nor_DngBarrowFort_TxFloor_01 - in Nord forts


Any of the round VM rocks, spikey rocks stay in the mountains. Cliffs should be avoided for the most part while far away from the mountains.

  • T_Mw_TerrRockVM_05
  • T_Mw_TerrRockVM_11
  • T_Mw_TerrRockVM_13 - 23
  • T_Mw_TerrRockVM_25 - 31

Static Flora

  • T_Mw_Flora_TowParasol_** - Main tree of the region
  • T_Mw_FloraCM_Fern01 - common groundcover
  • T_Mw_FloraCM_Maiden** - common tree
  • T_Mw_FloraCM_Boneshroom_** - common medium shroom tree
  • T_Mw_FloraCM_Redshroom_** - potentially move to caves due to over saturation of static plants
  • T_Mw_Flora_TumtumParasol_** - frequent near VM, less common further out
  • T_Mw_FloraCM_Grass_** - red grass for red grass textures + overgrown roads
  • Flora_BM_grass_01 + 04 - green grass for green grass textures
  • Flora_BM_grass_02 + 05 - brown grass for anywhere
  • T_Mw_FloraVM_Shrub_01-04 - common bush
  • T_Mw_FloraVM_Shrub_05-08 - on green grass only

Container Flora

  • T_Mw_FloraCM_Shutag_** - common plant
  • flora_bc_shelffungus_** - common fungus, grows on trees
  • T_Mw_Flora_Bloatroot**
  • flora_hackle-lo_** / T_Mw_Flora_Hackle-Lo_**
  • flora_saltrice_** - inner sea coast, with marshmarrow
  • flora_marshmerrow_** - inner sea cost, with saltrice
  • flora_black_lichen_** + T_Mw_Flora_LichenBk03 - on rocks
  • flora_muckspunge_** - by water, pair with muckpods
  • T_Mw_Flora_MountDama** - VM flower, less frequent the further away you get
  • T_Cyr_Flora_Stinkhorn** - fungus
  • T_Mw_FloraCM_RedGrass_** - pending
  • flora_roobrush_02 - maybe
  • T_Glb_Flora_FlAmanita** - maybe
  • T_Mw_Flora_Bluefoot** - maybe
  • T_Mw_Flora_GhostLaur** - VM plant, maybe
  • T_Mw_Flora_NodStreak** - VM plant, maybe
  • T_Mw_Flora_Redrose** - maybe

Cultivated Flora

  • T_Mw_Flora_Bloatroot**
  • flora_hackle-lo_** / T_Mw_Flora_Hackle-Lo_**
  • flora_ash_yam_** - least common farm plant



  • T_Mw_FloraCM_Redshroom_** (static) - pair with (blue?) light
  • flora_black_lichen_** + T_Mw_Flora_LichenBk03 (container) - on rocks
  • T_Mw_Flora_YamOrb** (container)

Vertex Shading

  • Under statics: 124,109,124
  • Between textures: 131,111,111

Assets Needed

Required for Exterior Work

Required Eventually

Nice to Have

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