Chronicles Of Reymond: The Book Of Rule

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Chronicles Of Reymond: The Book Of Rule
Implemented No (skillbook:Illusion)
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Value xx Septims
Weight x.00

The Star of the East, which shone down on the Reach, lit its children in divine light and purpose. The land was redeemed and ready to be reformed, in culture and structure. The virtues of the Ostern had driven them over mountain and river, to reclaim the destiny of their ancestors.

Magnon's champion, Reymond, spoke with authority, “Our lord has granted you the bounty of this land, to exploit in order to flourish and prosper.” He gestured at the running rivers, sloping hills and niched valleys. “Strike out and lay claim, those of you with the Will of Purpose. Find the stones of old and found a house upon them. Make the foundation deep so that your children and their children's children may rule from here onwards.”

And so his people departed to each corner of his realm, finding the stones of old and founding houses upon them. Reymond departed as well, seeking out the oldest stone in order to establish the seat of his Kingdom. The Star of the East lit his way, over valley and hill and over sea itself. When he found the oldest stone, his ancestors welcomed him for he came with divine purpose and destiny. The light of the star continued to shine, its brightness expanding until it set ablaze all that could be could be seen.

Reymond understood, using his sorcery to bellow from his seat so that his voice would carry over the water to every rock and tree, “Those who hear take heed, this land is mine by divine right and the rights of my ancestors. Those who live under me may keep their fiefs if they submit and obey the laws of my Lord.” So began the laws of the Ebon King, meant to protect and unite the land as it once had been before.

“By my bidding, follow the Law of Rule. The bloodlines of your lands can indicate right to rule but are not a substitute for ability and strength. So be it that those who have the Will of Purpose are meant to rule in place of those who only have titles and claims.”

“By my bidding, follow the Law of Purity. Do not mix with those of lesser orders, the Goblinkin and Reachman. These are agents of Malaque and meant to be ruled over. Their blood is poison to the stability of our people.”

“By my bidding, follow the Law of Vassalage. Know your place and do your duty. Submit to more powerful rulers in order to unify our people. Respect your vassal's rights, for tyranny can lead to righteous rebellion and fragment our Kingdom. Understand you are always a vassal under Magnon.”

“By my bidding, follow the Law of Piety. Scourge the land of heresy where ever it takes root. Shal's seeds grow quickly and his slaves work to corrupt our people. Worship the Divines as our ancestors did. Respect Magnon, Meredie, Fynnastre, Jalius, Mara, Archen. Recognize Arel, Dibeau, Esten, Yeffre, Cynarete, Sennitor. Repel Shal and Malaque.”

"By my bidding, follow the Law of Witchcraft. Those who tamper with the laws of our world are to be destroyed to maintain order. Those who deal with daemons are to be executed to keep the Wild Kings at bay. Only those who wield these powers in the service of our Lord will be free from retribution."

“By my bidding, follow the Law of Chivalry. I here by Knight all Manmeri in the service of our Divine Lords, from now and here after. A knight should live as a reflection of their lord for their actions reflect back onto them as well. Enforce the laws of your Lord onto yourself and others. Answer the call to defend your Lord's Kingdom when levies are raised.”

“These are the laws of the land, follow them or face retribution.” The people among the rocks and trees heard Reymond and understood his message. Arel's children in the west accepted his message, bowing to the Ebon King and following his laws. Cynarete's children to the north rebelled, as is their nature as once touched by Shal. Reymond called on the people of his Kingdom to journey into the mountains and quell the rebellion.

So was it that Reymond's Kingdom under Magnon was established and the laws were given.