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This category aims to become a comprehensive repository of modding guides for Tamriel Rebuilt, Project Tamriel, and TES: III modding in general.

The pages are broken up into general topics and the four main branches of TES III (province) modding: assets, exteriors, interiors, and questing.

For Prospective Developers

If you wish to contribute to Project Tamriel or Tamriel Rebuilt – awesome, we would be very glad to have you on board! Below you will find all the information and tutorials that you need to get started.

The first thing is to read the Copyright and You page to understand what you are agreeing to in terms of the work you produce for the projects.

If you wish to contribute to level or quest design, you will need to work with the venerable TES Construction Set. These types of roles first require you to make a developer showcase in your respective field – exteriors, interiors, or quests. The showcase is not a test, but a learning process wherein you work with an experienced mod developer to develop the skills and learn the standards needed to effectively contribute. See the tutorials in the sections below on how to get started.

If you, instead, wish to work on assets – i.e. concept/2D art, 3D models, or audio – you do not need to pass a showcase, but can start contributing to the project immediately. However, you will still need to understand some technical details about Morrowind assets. For that see the respective category below.


Construction Set ID Guidelines

These guidelines are used to standardize the Construction Set IDs for the items, scripts, NPCs, etc, that all types of developers will need to create at some point.


  • Concept Art Guidelines – basic guide to producing concept art.
  • Asset Guidelines – a landing page for all things asset-development-related. New 3D modellers and other asset artists: start here!
    • Audio Asset Guidelines – guide to producing audio assets.
    • Animations Guidelines – guide to creating new animations for objects and creatures.
    • Particle Effect Guidelines – guide to adding particle effects to models.
    • Specific software guides:
      • Nifskope – guide to a nifty, if clunky tool that is useful for working with TES III assets.
      • 3ds Max – some, mostly outdated notes on the professional, proprietary 3D modeling program.
  • Tamriel Data Deprecation Guidelines – guide to properly deprecating old assets from Tamriel_Data without causing compatibility issues.
  • Resources:
    • Catalogue of Vanilla Textures [PDF] – contains a listing of the textures from Vanilla TES III, sorted by the type of material. Each texture has its filename printed on it so you can find the file if needed. Contains most of the textures from Morrowind, Tribunal, and Bloodmoon.
    • Catalogue of Vanilla Models – PDF files listing most of the models in Vanilla TES III.


  • Exterior Guidelines – main guide on how to build exterior world spaces.
    • Exterior Modding Tutorial – a tutorial on how to start making exteriors for beginners. New exterior level designers: start here!
  • Heightmaps – how to generate height map images from TES III terrain and vice versa.


Writing, NPCs, and Quests

External Tools

  • TESAME – a graphical tool used mostly for cleaning TES III content files.
  • Esp-QuickEditor – a tool for batch modifying TES III content files with an SQL-like language.
  • Tes3cmd – a command-line tool for (batch) modifying TES III content files with common shell idioms.
  • Nifskope – a nifty, if clunky tool that is useful for working with TES III assets.
  • 3ds Max – some, mostly outdated notes on the professional, proprietary 3D modeling program.