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Royal Family
  • Queen Elysana Septim of Wayrest, age 38
  • Her royal consort
  • Their two children (of 10 years at oldest, in-game implementation unsure)
Trade-Prince Council
  • Trade-Prince Zepodie Sendu
  • Trade-Prince Louis Notte
  • Trade-Prince Noebelle Jodoin
  • Trade-Prince Taranneh Kingsfield
  • Trade-Prince Lamur-gra-Bar
  • Imperial Commanding Officer and Ambassador Lord Naigon Strale
  • Esteemed Ambassador of Orsinium
Knights of the Rose
  • Lord Commander Darkworth


Royal Family
  • King Gothryd of Daggerfall, age 46
  • Queen Aubk-i, age 41
  • Their son Prince Camaron
  • His wife, Lady Kelmena
  • Gothryd and Aubik-i's three other children
  • Dowager Queen Mynisera, age 74
  • Dowager Queen Nulfaga, age 91
  • Lord Provlith, Ambassador of Sentinel
Knights of the Dragon
  • Lord Commander Mobar
  • Lord Bridwell (retired Lord Commander of Knights of the Dragon)
  • His wife, Lady Bridwell
  • Popudax, Court Sorcerer
  • Popudaxes' Witches
  • Cyndassa, a personal maid of Aubk-i


  • Queen Talara of Camlorn (?)
  • Duke Senhyn of Camlorn (?)
  • Lady Gyna, Jyllia Raze, Special Ambassador
  • Former Royal Battlemage, Lord Eryl (presumably incarcerated)
  • Knights of the Trillium Order


  • King of Evermore
  • Council Magisterial
  • Order of the Tower


  • Knights of the Storm


  • Gortwog, King of Orcs, Lord of Orsinium and Warlord of the Subterranean Realms
  • Archpriest of Trinimac
  • Esteemed Ambassador of Wayrest
  • Necromancer delegation (Magister Ulliceta gra-Kogg)


  • Lady Castellan Medora Direnni
  • Direnni Council


  • Sea-lion Company


  • King Rodore Lariat
  • Order of the Heart


  • Jarl of Creaghen
  • Pretender King of Jehenna
  • Witch trees


  • Agnes of Glenmoril Wyrd
  • Baltham Greyman, freelance mage
  • Son of Chimere Graegyn
  • Chulmore Quill, ringmaster of The Quill Circus