Nha Enasa

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Bleak, thickly forested hilly bogland covered in tall grasses. The most southerly extent of the great eastern megafungus varieties, with the local variety growing in a vaguely conical shape. The ecosystem of Nha Enasa is not toxic to men and mer like the innermost Argonian marshes, but the region is still dangerous due to bog creatures, trolls, and hostile local cults. A single road from Gideon out to the colony towns of Glenbridge and Greenspring is maintained with difficulty at immense expense to the Legion. Another, more northerly route via Rockguard has fallen into ruin in the past century. The eyeless Orma tribe of Nedes once inhabited the northern swathe of the region, along the edge of the Blackwood, but were long ago forced out of the province. This is also where Dorsza Pass would be located.