Fingeir's Rock

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Fingeir’s Rock is a windswept little rock island in Haafinheim's Solitude Forest region. It is located just off the northernmost tip of Tamriel, called Haraldskap. The island holds the lighthouse guiding ships towards Haafingar as well as a few fishermen shacks.

Legend of Fingeir

According to legend, Fingeir was an Atmoran berserker who couldn’t wait for Ysgramor to rally his famous 500 Companions. As soon as Fingeir heard the news of his brother Ongeir’s passing by the hands of Elves, he set sail for Mereth in a fit of rage. But before long, the Atmorans found out about Fingeir and his ship missing. Ysgramor partitioned the elders for council and prophecy, and the early start was deemed unlawful. A tall giant named Arbakmar eyed Fingeir’s ship approaching the coast of Tamriel, and threw the largest rock he could find across the sea. The rock hit its target just before Fingeir reaching land, squashing the ship and killing Fingeir. It is said that he is still buried beneath it, and that his ghost forever haunts those shores.