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Merethic Era

First Era

First Century

1E 68 — The last Atmoran "invasion" arrives in Tamriel.

  • Two Atmoran ships laden with corpses beg to make port in Tamriel, marking the final wave of large-scale Atmoran migration to the continent.

Second Century

1E 113 — Harald Hand-Free is born.

1E 117 — Bergryf Wyrm-Bane of Northshore slays the great sea wyrm Tsalraad

  • Bergryf, the King of a petty-kingdom centered around a number of small fortresses along the Northshore, sets out with his longboat fleet to hunt a great sea wyrm, which has terrorized Atmoran settlers and Nordic sailors for centuries. After a long and gruesome fight, he manages to kill the beast, losing more than two thirds of his entire fleet in the battle. His Tongues shouts the body of the great beast onto shore, and Bergryf takes up residence in the skull of the wyrm, eventually founding the city of Danstrar, as his people begin settling behind a wall created by the wyrm's spine.

1E 143 — Harald Hand-Free is crowned High-King of Skyrim.

Third Century

Ca. 1E 240 — The Skyrim Conquests and forming of the First Empire

  • From 1E 222 - 272, the First Empire of the Nords expands across Morrowind and High Rock, swallowing them up by 2E 240. Some sources interpret the Skyrim Conquests to have run from 1E 240 to 1E 415.

Second Era

Third Era