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Indoril Nerevar Mora, also called Nerevar Moon-and-StarTemplate:Ref, Doom of the Dwarves and Godkiller, was the Chimeri king of Resdayn (modern-day Morrowind).Template:Ref As the Hortator, or Great Ashkhan,Template:Ref of the united Chimer people, he forged an alliance with the Dwemer, and he was one of the founders of the [[Morrowind:First_Council|First Council}}, uniting all the people of Resdayn for the first time in Template:Year.Template:Ref Nerevar then took on the title of "First Councilor".Template:RefTemplate:Ref The alliance eventually broke down, leading to the War of the First Council. At the climactic Battle of Red Mountain circa Template:Year, Nerevar led the Chimer to victory, though he died shortly after the battle under disputed circumstances.Template:Ref

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