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Lyithdonea: The Azurian Isles


[Late Middle Merethic Era, Circa ME 1600] Exodus to Morrowind : the dissident, ancestor-worshipping Chimer separated from the secular Aldmeri culture mainly under the direction of Boethiah. Trinimac tried to stop them, Boethiah ate and relieved himself of Trinimac. Ref: {See Lives of the Saints, A Short History of Morrowind, and The Anticipations.}

[Late Merethic Era, Circa ME 1300] : High Velothi Culture devolves into tribal cultures which subsequently emerge as the Great Houses and Minor Houses or persist as the Ashlanders. The Minor Houses of the Daedra emerged at this time as well. They existed primarily as priestly Houses representing their associated Daedra Prince.


[Circa 1E 690] Curse of the Dunmer : Azura accuses the Tribunal of murdering Nerevar and curses the Chimer with red eyes and ashy skin turning them into the Dunmer, vowing to reincarnate him as the Nerevarine. House Azura is spared the curse and remain as some of the few remaining Chimer.

[Circa 1E 700] : Vivec, Sotha Sil, Almalexia ascend to godhood with the Heart of Lorkhan after the War of the First Council. Red Mountain erupts in the event known as "Sun's Death".

[Circa 1E 700-800] Alienation of the Daedric Minor Houses : The Tribunal replace Daedra and ancestor worship with themselves. This causes House Azura, House Boethiah, and House Mephala to fall out of favor in the new Dunmer Great House and Tribunal Temple culture.

[Circa 1E 750-800] The Translation : Azura, seeing the persecution of her House, decides to make a new land for them to worship her in peace. Ref: {See The Translation by Faleno Sorveyn Azura}

[Circa 1E 816-872] Azura gathers her House : After the Azurian Isles are completed by Azura’s reshaping, she summons all of her faithful to the isles.

[1E 874] : House Azura departs under the guidance of Azura for the Azurian Isles.

[1E 875] The Hlamola Encounter : Before claiming their promised land, House Azura must defeat the Maormer pirates who have settled in the region during Azura’s absence. Some Maormer knowledge is incorporated into House Azuran culture. During this conflict the Azurian Isles came to be referred to as Lyithdonea. And the Seeing Stones were discovered and employed by House Azura. Ref: {See Winning the Water by Jehstis Uvare}

[Circa 1E 875-900] Exploration and Settlement : The Ouamer separate from House Azura, reverting to a blend of tribal and civilized culture along with a renewed emphasis on simple ancestor worship. They worship Azura indirectly as the Mother Soul and no longer commune with her directly. [Circa 1E 900-1100] Exploration and Settlement : The capital city of the isles, named Azura after their patron deity, was founded by House Azura.

[1E 963-968] The Dreugh Pacification : When the Ouamer settled in the Thousand Isles, they took a Duskshadow Oath to take only what they needed from the land. The Dreugh unbalanced this pacifistic relationship and grew to dangerous numbers. The Ouameri Wisewomen met to decide a plan of action. The Ouamer then launched an offensive known as The Dreugh Pacification. After the battle, the Dreugh population was decimated, but a great many Ouamer warriors were left dead as well. Disliking the waste of life, the Ouameri gathered most of the Dreugh bodies and fashioned armor, weapons and many other items out of the remains. To this day, the Dreugh are withheld from the Oath’s protection and Ouamer jiggers ritually kill hundreds of them every year.

[Circa 1E 1250-1350] Establishment of House Governmental and Priestly hierarchy : After the construction of Azura, House Azura began detailing the foundations for its Canon of Law. The Rose Council was established along with Priestly and Governmental hierarchy.

[1E 1354] : First Azuran Magnate elected to office, Faest Ratha Azura. Ref: {The term Magnate denotes the fact that the head of House Azura is still subordinate to Lady Azura and serves as her steward.} {See Finding the Flower by Tarith Mal and House Azura, Echolons of Authority by Manyon’seeth Uralp}

[1E 2240] First Canonical Amendment : The original Azuran Canon did not account for when a Magnate’s term would end other than on the event of death, insanity, or heresy. Some attribute this slip to sly maneuvers executed by Ratha to extend his term indefinitely. As the House Azuran populace began to become more disgruntled under Magnate Ratha’s reign. The Rose Council was forced to add a clause to the Azuran Canon, which would require the council to vote once every quarter century on whether to maintain or change leadership.

[1E 2281] Second Azuran Magnate : Soon after the signing of the First Canonical Amendment, a nobleman is elected to replace Ratha. The new Magnate is Daroth Omahn.


[2E 182] Third Azuran Magnate : The reign of Magnate Omahn lasted 821 years and ended with his natural death on the 9th of Frostfall. His rule was relatively uneventful, but House Azura was content. The next Magnate was the young and highly popular Amul Fedrose.

[2E 248-896] The Ebon Age of Lyithdonea : Under Amul’s reign, the Azurian Isles entered what has now been referred to as The Ebon Age of Lyithdonea. During this time, western influence increased as trade and communication with the imperial provinces was encouraged by the government and tolerated by the priesthood. During the Ebon Age, the Guild of Fighters and the Guild of Mages were established in Tamriel and the Guild of Mages quickly sought and were granted charter in the isles. It is because of this era of prosperity that the Azurian Isles acquired any external influence whatsoever. Prior to this time, the isles had maintained a policy of isolation from the Imperial and Dunmer temple dominated west.

[2E 572] Akaviri invade Morrowind : The Ebon Age of Lyithdonea begins to decline when the Akaviri launch an unsuspected attack on Morrowind. It is held that Azura protected her people by surrounding the Azurian Isles in a Moonshade, hiding them from the Akaviri raiders. Ref: {See Varieties of Faith in the Empire}

[2E 830] Dre’ruvishad’s : An abbreviated form of the chimeri phrase: erufikam vishad am dres or, “The Killing Blow to Dres.” This was a last ditch effort by the Ouameri and escaped Argonian slaves of the Thousand Isles region to forever end the raids of Dres slave merchants. The struggle was successful and House Dres has avoided the isles ever since. Following this event, the isles have become home to more Argonian refugees, who now consider the isles their home as much as the Ouamer “natives”.

[Circa 2E 882] Awakening of House Dagoth : Dagoth Ur and his minions take the fortress of Red Mountain, and the Heart of Lorkhan with it. Dagoth’s blight storms plague Vvardenfell. The Azurian Isles largely closed their borders to trade and travel during this time. With the growing threat of and fear of Dagoth Ur, Dunmer trepidation towards Daedric cults increased, further diminishing relations between House Azura and Morrowind. This event seemed to be the unspoken signal which ended the Ebon Age of Lyithdonea. At this time, House Azura reinstated a less strict policy of isolationism, but a policy nonetheless.


[3E 414] Assimilation of Morrowind into the Empire : When Morrowind was officially incorporated into the empire with the signing of the Armistice, The Azurian Isles did not follow suit. The empire never attempted to invade the isles as they rested on the far eastern side of the province. Therefore House Azura has retained its own government far from the influence of the Imperials.