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'''1E 482'''
'''1E 482'''
* The Battle of Glenumbra Moors: Aiden Direnni, with the help of High King of Skyrim Holgeir and the last Aylied King Laloriaran Dynar, defeats the combined forces of the Alessian Order and rebel Bretons.<ref name="FinalLesson" />
* The Battle of Glenumbra Moors: Aiden Direnni, with the help of High King of Skyrim Hoag Merkiller and the last Aylied King Laloriaran Dynar, defeats the combined forces of the Alessian Order and rebel Bretons.<ref name="FinalLesson" />
'''1E 485-498'''
'''1E 485-498'''

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This timeline is under construction. It is the history that is relevant to High Rock and is missing many events covered in other timelines.

Early Merethic Era

(c. ME 2500)

  • The Adamantine Tower is constructed, the oldest building in all of Tamriel.[1]

Middle Merethic Era

(c. ME 2000)

  • The Aldmeri explorer Topal (or Torval) the Pilot sets sail from the Summerset Isles, looking for the mythical continent of Aldmeris. He is the first Elf to explore the shorelines of Tamriel and interact with its native populations.

(c. ME 2000 - 1500)

  • Various Aldmeri factions colonize the coastline of Tamriel. Presumed birth of the Bosmer, Falmer, and Dwemer civilizations.
  • Several enterprising Elven families explore an colonize the northwest of Tamriel, without relinquishing their ties to Alinor. First among them are the Direnni clan.
  • Saint Veloth, an Aldmeri prophet and mystic, proclaims the faith in the Good Daedra. Rejecting the decadence of Summerset culture, he leads a mass migration of the faithful Chimer into the promised land of Resdayn, later known as Morrowind.

Late Merethic Era

(c. ME 1000)

  • Trinimac is supposedly transformed into Malacath by Boethiah. His followers are transformed into the Orsimer, who are scattered throughout Tamriel. Many of the Orsimer gather in the Wrogtharian Mountains.

The Galenic Period

(c. ME 1000)

  • Proto-Breton Nedic people of High Rock are organized in tribes under the rule of Druada Galann - a caste of sorcerer-priests employing powerful nature-magic, perhaps descended from the Dawn Magicks of Ehlnofey. Parallels can be drawn between Galenic Druidism and Valenwood Forest-Worshipping.
  • Interbreeding between High Rock Altmeri and proto-Bretons occurs, pushed by both Druada Galann and Altmeri lords, albeit for different reasons.

(c. ME 1000)

  • Earliest human settlement at the location of modern Daggerfall.[2]

(c. ME 800-1000)

  • Earliest known human settlements in Hammerfell, High Rock, and Cyrodiil, centuries before the arrival of Ysgramor.[3]

(c. ME 600-0)

  • The colony of Saarthal is founded in northern Skyrim, being the first large-scale Nordic settlement on Tamriel.[1]
  • During The Night of Tears, Falmer burn Saarthal to the ground.[1] Nords would later maintain that Bretons are descendants of the survivors.[4]
  • The Return. Ysgramor, together with his Five Hundred Companions returns to Skyrim.[1][5]

First Era

1E 1

  • Tension and small-scale skirmishes occur between the Nordic Empire and the surrounding Elven realms: the High Rock Altmeri, Velothi, and the Ayleid sphere of influence.

1E 141-1E 221

  • During the reign of King Harald, Falmer are driven from Skyrim.[5]

c. 1E 240

  • The Nordic Empire conquers High Rock and northern Morrowind, subjugating the local Elven lords. Both the High Rock Altmeri and the Chimer lords were disorganized and internally divided, easy prey for the unified Nordic armies.[6]
  • Many fortified coastal towns, including Reich Gradkeep among others, were founded around this time while Altmeri held the interior of the province.[4]

1E 243

  • The Alessian Rebellion ends, many Ayleids flee to Valenwood, Alinor, the Altmeri colonies in High Rock and Argonia.

1E 246

  • First written mention of Daggerfall, in Nordic Book of Life.[2]

1E 266

  • The warlike Colovians begin to organize annual raids of the vulnerable Direnni and Breton cities of the Illiac Bay. These raids will sporadically continue for much of the First Era.

The Direnni Hegemony

1E 355

  • The Direnni Clan rises in prominence in High Rock through political maneuvering and questionable machnations, claiming the Adamantine Tower as their seat of power.[6]

1E 358

  • Emperor Ami-El of Cyrodiil lends his forces to Skyrim in a military campaign against the Direnni Hegemony in the Western Reach. Anti-Aldmer sentiments rise as Skyrim loses more and more of Greater Bretony to the Direnni.[7]

1E 361

  • Alessian Doctrines enforced throughout Cyrodiil. Nearly all remaining Ayleids leave and are eventually absorbed into the Elven populations of Valenwood and High Rock.[8]

1E 369

  • High King Borgas, a staunch anti-Elven agitator, is killed by a Bosmeri Wild Hunt. In the ensuing War of Succession, the Nordic Empire falls apart.[2]
  • Daggerfall starts expanding her military, becomes a minor base of operations for Direnni and their allies.[2]

1E 370-477

  • The Direnni Clan unite the remaining Altmeri colonists and the large Breton caste against the disorganized Nords, taking back control of much their old territories on the main land.
  • Direnni capture the Nord settlements of Daggerfall and Reich Gradkeep but fail to conquer the Nordic colonies in the Wrothgarians and Gedalan which are fortified within the mountains.
  • The Direnni push into the Reach, colonizing it with Altmeri towers which all held allegiance to the Direnni. This is the official time period of the Direnni Hegemony.

c. 1E 400

  • The Alessians reforms spread to High Rock from Skyrim, becoming very popular among the Bretons of the Bjoulsae Delta.

1E 416

  • The Nords are driven out of Morrowind.[9] Some time after that, Elyn of House Mora travels around Western Tamriel, becoming known as Moraelyn.[10]

1E 420

  • Dwarven clan Rourken arrives in the Deathlands and establish trade relations with Bretons and Bosmer.[11]

1E 461

  • Young Ryain Direnni attends Emperor Goerius' coronation. Eventually he buys the Island of Balfiera and conquers (most of) High Rock and large parts of Skyrim and Hammerfell.[12][6]

1E 479

  • Emboldened by the events in Colovia, Ryain Direnni outlaws the Alessian Reforms in High Rock[12]. His forces fight the Alessians[13], and harass Colovia from the sea, attempting to push towards the Heartland. The Bretons of the Bjoulsae Delta rebel against the Direnni and join the Alessians, cutting off the Direnni from their Reach satellites.

1E 482

  • The Battle of Glenumbra Moors: Aiden Direnni, with the help of High King of Skyrim Hoag Merkiller and the last Aylied King Laloriaran Dynar, defeats the combined forces of the Alessian Order and rebel Bretons.[13]

1E 485-498

  • The Direnni Hegemony loses control of Greater Bretony in many separate mostly peaceful seizures of power by their Breton retainers.[6] The former Direnni settlements became Breton Kingdoms that began to battle against one another for supremacy.[4]

The Witch-Kings

1E 500-800

  • The Altmeri Towers of the Reach fall one by one, each accompanied by atrocities that scar the region for thousands of years.[4]
  • The first reports of Reachmen appear, a breed of Manmeri which are much more mongrolic than their Breton cousins.

1E 609

  • King Thagore of Daggerfall defeats the army of Glenpoint and becomes the preeminant economic, cultural, and military force in southern High Rock.[2]

1E 668

  • Clan Rourken disappears along with all other Dwemer. Year of Winter in Summer.

1E 730-800

  • Bretons from Greater Bretony travel into the Wrothgarians to discover the Nordic colonies on the brink of collapse from countless Orc assaults and encroachments. These Breton Lords rescue the Nords and are accepted into their settlements. Bretons would continue to migrate to the region for many years, soon outnumbering the native Nords.

c. 1E 800

  • Estimated time period that Wayrest was founded.[14]

1E 808

  • The Ra Gada: Yokudan refugees arrive on the shores of Hammerfell[15], conquering the province from native Orcs and Nedes. Redguard conquests claims large swathes of Colovia, especially in the Gold Coast.
  • The Horsemen Nede tribes of Hammerfell's Savannas are pushed out, settling along the Bjoulsae River.

c. 1E 900

  • Estimated time period that the first Orsinium was founded by Torug gro-Irgon.
  • By this point the Bretons had absorbed the remaining Nord colonists in the Wrothgarian Mountains, establishing the Norman culture in its place.

1E 948

  • The earliest written mention of Wayrest, which is referenced by King Joile of Daggerfall when discussing the danger of Orsinium with Gaiden Shinji.[14]

1E 950-980

  • A joint effort between the Kingdom of Daggerfall, the Kingdom of Sentinel and the Order of Diagna launch a siege against Orsinium.[6]

1E 973

  • The memory stone of Makela Leki was found in the Bankorai pass. Its contents have been written in the book From The Memory Stone of Makela Leki. Makela and her five companions died defending against an invasion led by King Joile of Daggerfall sponsored by the Crystal Tower of High Rock.[16]

1E 980

  • The siege on Orsinium finally ends with the sacking of the city. With the threat of Orcs removed, Wayrest florishes.[14]
  • Around this time Masconian Trade Way is formed, reducing the pirate activity on the Bay.[14]

1E 1000

  • Wayrest's trade profits equal those of Daggerfall.[14]

1E 1020

  • Wayrest is acknowledged as the master of Iliac Bay trade.[14]

1E 1030

  • Legion forces led by Hestra conquer the Reach. By this time, there were 10 independent kingdoms present.[17]

1E 1100

  • Farangel Gardner accepts ambassadors from the Camorian Empire and becomes the first King of Wayrest.[14]

c. 1E 1100

  • The founding of Wyl Crannach and Wyl Neidre, then known as Cumalda and Corvelda, as imperial strongholds in the West Reach.

The Middle Dawn

1E 1200-1E 2208 Dragon Break

  • The Dragon Breaks for over ten centenaries, caused by Alessian Order fanatics. Many of the events during this time period are lost due to the fluid nature of time during this period. It is estimated to have taken 1008 years.[18]
  • The Battle of Duncreigh Bridge between Reich Gardkeep and Sensford occurs. The result is a stalemate. Scholars attribute this event to the date of 1E 1427.[4]
  • A group of Bretons break free from the Bjoulsae Delta Kingdoms, rejecting the Alessian Reforms and conquering east into the Bjoulsae Basin and the West Reach, beginning the Ostern culture. By 1E 2200, when time became linear again, Evermore had been founded and most settlements east of Wayrest were now under Ostern rule.

The Late Alessian Empire

1E 2200-1E 2260

  • The Thrassian Plague, engineered by the Sload, kills over half of Tamriel's population.[19]
  • Bendu Olo, the Baron of Anvil, leads the All Flags Navy in the Thrassian War - a joint effort of the nations surrounding the Abecean Sea. The island-kingdom of Thras is sunk beneath the waves.[19]

1E 2321-1E 2331

  • Alessian Empire collapses as a result of the War of Righteousness.[20][21]

The First Interregnum

1E 2702

  • The citizens of Wayrest are forced to hide within the walls of the Gardners Estate when Akaviri pirates take the city.[14]

The Reman Empire

1E 2703-1E 2762

  • Under the pretext of the realm's defense, Reman wages an aggressive campaign of conquest across the continent. All of Tamriel save Morrowind, the Summerset Isles and Argonia becomes part of the Second Empire.
  • A new network of highways and fortifications is built under the reigns of Reman and his sons.
  • Reman I incorporates aspects of Breton culture, along with those of Colovia, Nibenay and Akaviri, into a common Cyrodiil culture.

1E 2813

  • Cyrodiilic replaces Aldmeris as the language of all legal documents.[6]

1E 2920

  • Lord Storig of Farrun apparently falls in the Battle of Bodrum, Morrowind.[22]

Second Era

The Akaviri Potentates

2E 1

  • With Reman III dead and no legitimate heirs left, the Akaviri Potentates take power in the Empire.

2E 12

  • "Nature of Ayleidic Poesy" is published by University of Gwylim Press.

2E 230

  • Vanus Galerion founds the first Mages Guild in Firsthold, the Summerset Isles. For the first time in Tamriel's history, magical education and services are available to the larger population.
  • The Mages Guild is banished from Summerset, and subsequently moves to the Imperial City.
  • Many of the provinces rebel against the Potentates, save most of High Rock which continues its relationship with the Empire.

2E 283-2E 320

  • Intense conflict across Tamriel between Imperial forces and various local rebels. Versidue-Shaie is victorious, and the Legion is left as the only real military force in the land.

2E 301

  • The kingdom of Camlorn is founded.

2E 309

  • Orsinium, the exile-city of the Orcs is granted the status of Imperial Province - the first time the Orcs are granted citizen status.

2E 321

  • The Guilds Act sanctions the guilds of Tinkers, Cobblers, Prostitutes, Scribes, Architects, Brewers, Vintners, Weavers, Ratcatchers, Furriers, Cooks, Astrologers, Healers, Tailors, Minstrels, and Barristers. Also codified the Mages and Fighters Guilds, founded in previous years. later expansions sanction more guilds.

2E 430-2E 431

  • Potentate Savirien-Chorak and his heirs are murdered by the Morag Tong. End of the Akaviri Potentate and the Second Empire. The provinces regain their independence and Cyrodiil falls apart in independent kingdoms and city-states.
  • Orsinium loses its territorial status and is razed by an alliance of Bretons and Redguards.

The Second Interregnum

2E 432-896

  • A series of mad and incompetent rulers attempt to claim the Imperial throne. Widespread chaos, disease and war lead to a period of decay, misrule, and anti-intellectualism.

2E 560-2E 603

  • The Khanaten Flu spreads across Tamriel. Argonians, being immune to the disease, are thought to be responsible for engineering the sickness.

2E 563

  • Voyage of the Crimson Ship: the last remaining Kothringi flee the plague in Black Marsh. They are turned away at every port they meet, and set sail for the west, never to return.
  • Durcorach the Black Drake, a Reachman chieftain, conquers the Imperial City and declares himself Emperor. Beginning of the dynasty of the Longhouse Pretenders, a short, eccentric and barbarian period in Cyrodiil's history.

2E 541

  • The Pretender Durcorach dies during an invasion of Daggerfall. He is succeeded by an heir whose name is lost to history.
  • The second Longhouse Pretender dies, and is succeeded by his son, Leovic. Born and raised in the Reach, he is considered eccentric and savage by the court and the people.

2E 573

  • Varen's Rebellion: a popular uprising orchestrated by Varen Aquilarios, Colo-Nordic king of Chorrol. After taking the Imperial City and killing Leovic, Varen proclaims himself Emperor.

2E 828

  • Presumed birth date of Tiber Septim.

2E 852

  • Cuhlecian allies with the Nords against the Reachmen in order to secure his northern borders. His army is led by general Hjalti Early-Beard, hailing from the Breton city of Alcaire. Hjalti is accompanied by a Nibenese battlemage named Zurin Arctus.
  • Battle of Old Hrol'dan: Hjalti takes the city from the Reachmen, and uses Thu'um to tear down the walls. His soldiers give him the name Talos, Stormcrown.
  • Cuchlecain adopts Talos as his only son and heir.
  • Sack of Sancre Tor. An alliance of Nordic and Breton nobles invade northern Cyrodiil, opposing Cuhlecain's ambitions. General Talos stops them at the sacred city of Sancre Tor, and rediscovers the Amulet of Kings in the tombs beneath the city. The resounding victory leads the Nords to join Cuhlecain's armies.

2E 854

  • On the Eve of his coronation, Cuhlecain is murdered by a Breton assassin. The Imperial Palace is set aflame. Talos survives his own assassination attempt, though he loses his voice due to a neck-wound.
  • Talos declares himself Emperor, taking the Imperial name of Tiber Septim.

c. 2E 855

  • Emperor Tiber Septim unites and reforms Cyrodiil, preparing for the conquest of all Tamriel.

2E 857

  • Conquest of Skyrim and the breton kingdoms commences.
  • An Orcish delegation petitions Tiber Septim for citizen rights. Tiber promises them a province and equal rights in return for aid in his conquests.
  • Battle of the Bjoulsae. Admiral Amiel Richton crushes Wayrest's naval power, effectively conquering High Rock.

2E 882

  • The Armistice with Tribunal is signed. Vivec initiates peace talks with the Empire, offering access to Morrowind's mines and the broken Dwemer construct Numidium in return for cultural and political concessions.

c. 2E 895

  • Tiber Septim activates the Numidium through the Mantella, a soul gem-like device which incorporated soul aspects of the Battlemage Zurin Arctus and the old Nordic king Wulfhart. The Brass God proves a powerful weapon.

2E 896

  • Surrender of Alinor. Despite heavy resistance, the Summerset Isles fall in a matter of days to the might of the Numidium. With the last independent kingdom under his control, Tiber Septim is now the ruler of the entirety of Tamriel.
  • Start of the Third Era and the Septim Empire.

Third Era

The Septim Empire

c. 3E 1

  • The Numidium is destroyed by a mysterious undead sorceror, later referred to as the Underking.

3E 67

  • Potema, the future Wolf Queen, is born to crown prince Pelagius II. She is the second of four children (the others being Antiochus, Cephorus, and Magnus - all future Emperors).

3E 112

  • Antiochus dies, succeeded by his daughter Kintyra II. Her first cousin, Uriel Mantiarco (the son of Potema) accuses her of being a bastard, and unites rebellious kings of High Rock, Skyrim, and Morrowind in an attack on the Empire. Kintyra is taken captive in the Iliac Bay.

3E 114

  • The rumored date of Kintyra II's execution. In reality, she was kept alive in captivity for several more years.

3E 119

  • Pelagius III, son of Magnus Septim, is born.

3E 121

  • Uriel Mantiarco conquers the Imperial City. He proclaims himself Emperor Uriel III.
  • War of the Red Diamond. The surviving sons of Pelagius II, Cephorus and Magnus, defy Uriel III and his mother Potema. Skyrim and northern Morrowind continue to support Uriel III, but High Rock defects. The opposition garners support among the other provinces. Opinions in Cyrodiil are highly divided.

3E 123, 23 Frostfall

  • The Day of the Broken Diamond: Kintyra II is murdered in her cell in High Rock. Considered by some to be the "true" end of the Tiber bloodline: lineage of later Emperors is doubtful.

3E 127

  • Uriel III is captured by his enemies during a battle in Hammerfell. His carriage is set alight by an angry mob, burning the Emperor alive.
  • Cephorus I is proclaimed Emperor. His reign is dominated by a lengthy war against his sister and her dwindling allies.

3E 137

  • After a long siege, Potema is finally killed in her stronghold in Solitude.

3E 140

  • Cephorus I dies, is succeeded by his elderly brother, Magnus.

3E 145, 8th of Second Seed

  • Emperor Magnus dies, is succeeded by his son, Pelagius III (the Mad). Empero Pelagius III was quickly removed from office due to his debilitating insanity, and spends the rest of his life in a series of hospitals and temples of Mara.

3E 153, 2nd of Suns Dawn

  • Pelagius III dies. His dying day is later celebrated as Mad Pelagius, a fool's festival. He is succeeded by his wife, the Dunmeri Katariah, former duchess of Vvardenfell, until their son comes of age. She faces heavy opposition from the court due to her race.
  • Empress Katariah travels extensively throughout the provinces, something no Emperor had done since Tiber Septim. Diplomatic relations with the provincial rulers are reinforced, and the Empress becomes wildly popular among the common people.
  • Jovron Direnni serves Katariah as the Imperial Battlemage.

3E 172, Harvest's End

  • Caecilly, a small island off the coast of Northmoor, disappears, being thrown into Oblivion by Mehrunes Dagon, along with Direnni retainer Chimere Graegyn.

3E 200

  • Katariah dies in an bandit ambush in Black Marsh, later discovered to be the work of a disenfranchised branch of the Septim family. She is succeeded by Cassynder.
  • Emperor Cassynder suffers from poor health, possibly due to his half-Elven heritage. He does not have the strenght to govern his kingdom properly, and leaves much work to his half-brother, Uriel Lariat.

3E 202

  • Cassynder dies, to be succeeded by Uriel Lariat, the child of Katariah and a consort she took after Pelagius III's death. Although Uriel IV was adopted by Cassynder and distantly related to Tiber Septim, the people and the Elder Council rejected his claim to the throne. His long reign was marked by sedition.

3E 247

  • Uriel IV dies. By vote of the Elder Council, his son Andorak is disinherited and Emperor Cephorus II is elected: a Nordic Jarl whose ties to the original bloodline are considered stronger. Andorak rejects the Council's decision, leading to another civil war.

3E 249

  • Rise of the Camoran Usurper: Haymon Hart-King, member of the Bosmeri royal house of Camoran, attempts to conquer western Tamriel with an army of mercenaries, Daedra and undead. Attempts to stop him prove fruitless, as the Emperor is preoccupied by the war against Andorak.
  • An opportunistic pirate alliance conquers the city of Anvil following the Usurper's passage. The city becomes a lawless pirate town, preying on the Imperial supply lines in the war against the Usurper.

3E 256

  • The Elder Council grants Andorak the High Rock kingdom of Shornhelm in return for an armistice and aid against the Camoran Usurper.

3E 267

  • An alliance of Bretonnic kingdoms defeat the Camoran Usurper. The Imperial Legion's ineffectual response to the crisis results in increased provincial dissent.

3E 336

  • Nulfaga, mother to the future Daggerfall King Lysandus, is born.

3E 340

  • Eadwyre, future King of Wayrest and husband to Carolyna, is born.

3E 353

  • Mynisera, future wife to Lysandus, King of Daggerfall, is born.

3E 354

  • Lysandus, future King of Daggerfall, is born to Arslan II and Nulfaga.

3E 369

  • Akorithi, future Queen of Sentinel and wife to Camaron, is born.

3E 375

  • The unnamed hero who put to rest the soul of King Lysandus is born.

3E 376

  • King Helseth is born to Queen Barenziah and Symmachus.

3E 377

  • Arslan II, father to King Lysandus of Daggerfall, dies.

3E 381

  • Gothryd, son of Lysandus and Mynisera, rulers of Daggerfall, is born.

3E 384

  • Morgiah is born to Queen Barenziah and Symmachus.

3E 386

  • Aubk-i is born to Camaron and Akorithi, rulers of Sentinel.

3E 389-3E 399

  • The Imperial Simulacrum: Jagar Tharn initiates a conspiracy to usurp the throne. He banishes the Emperor to the Void and assumes his shape through magic. Secret Tharnite agents in the Imperial government support him in claiming complete absolute power over the Empire. Tharn's misrule and corruption prove to be disastrous for the Empire.

3E 397

  • The War of Bend'r-mahk: Skyrim defeats combined Breton and Redguard forces and claims several border cities.

3E 399

  • The Eternal Champion defeats Tharn and releases the Emperor from his prison.
  • Gortwog gro-Nagorm establishes Orsinium Nova, the new city of the Orcs, in the Dragontail Mountains. Gortwog petitions Uriel VII for provincial status and citizen rights, under the original agreement with Reman I.

3E 401

  • Nulfaga, Queen-Mother of Daggerfall, discovers the location of the Mantella. She attempts to sell the information to the Blades, but her deal is rejected. Uriel VII commands his spies to steal the location, but his instructions are themselves stolen.

3E 402-3E 403

  • The War of Betony between Daggerfall and Sentinel. Lord Mogref of Betony attempts to vassal himself to Daggerfall for monetary reasons. Sentinel objects to this. Daggerfall wins the war, though king Lysandus dies in battle.

3E 404

  • Uriel VII's secret missives regarding the Mantella are communicated throughout the Iliac Bay's network of nobility. Several factions begin to pursue the artifact.
  • The ghost of king Lysandus haunts the streets of Daggerfall with an army of wraiths, seeking vengeance.

3E 405

  • An agent of Uriel VII is sent to the Iliac Bay to investigate the death of Lysandus and the Emperor's missing letter.

3E 417

  • The Warp in the West, also known as the Miracle of Peace: the Mantella is activated. The world-negating properties of the Numidium cause a new Dragon Break, in which six conflicting timelines simultaneously occur. The kingdoms of Daggerfall, Wayrest, Sentinel, and Orsinium usurp the minor kingdoms of the Iliac Bay and divide the region among each other. Additionally, the necromancer-king Mannimarco ascends to a relativistic state of godhood, and the undead spirit known as the Underking, an echo of Zurin Arctus, regains the Mantella and is allowed to die a mortal death. Numidium is lost once again.

The Present

c. 3E 420-427

  • Localized skirmishes between Daggerfall and Wayrest, Camlorn and Northpoint and Evermore.
  • Marriage between Camaron, son of King Gothryd of Daggerfall and Kelmena, daughter of Duke Senhyn of Camlorn.
  • Northpoint and Evermore swallow up their smaller neighbours.
  • Queen Elysana of Wayrest dominates High Rock politics, allies with Orsinium.
  • Highly controversial religious reforms in Orsinium - King Gortwog denounces Malacath and establishes worship of Trinimac instead.


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