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Breton Pantheon

The Bret perspective

The Norman perspective

The Ostern perspective

Orcish Pantheon

The traditional Orcish Pantheon

The neo-Orcish Pantheon

Atlmer Pantheon

Reachman Religion

The Way That Winds

The Old Ways

Giant Mythology

Giant spiritual beliefs in High Rock are a form of simple literal Animism, using both Aedra and Daedra gods as names for the common elements of life. For instance, a giant might not think Kyner controls the laws of the wind but rather IS the wind and nothing beyond that. Another interesting and unique detail of the Giant beliefs is a complete lack of an origin myth, which is extremely rare in religions. Giants seem to lack a word for time, having difficulty thinking outside of the present moment. When asked how things came to be, they respond that "things are how they are".

Caley Herene Jhunn Kyner Mara Magey Magnu Nama Noctue Orkey Padome Sangue Shaego Shor
Deal Hunt Learn Wind Mother Star Sun Rot Night Death Dark Alcohol Madness Father


Druids of Galen (ancient religion)

Druidism is one of the oldest religions in High Rock, dating back to the Merithic era. The practice aims to use wild magic, especially in the domain of Yffre, in a utilitarian manner and encourages the dogma of 'might makes right'. It was largely practiced by the early Nedic people of High Rock as well as a select few Atlmer settlers.

The origin story of Druidism claims that there were once two Atlmer brothers on Summerset, Galen and Valen. Both paragons and masters of the school of Mysticism among Mer and often studied with those who would become the forerunners of the Psyjic Order. The study and worship of Y'ffre was very sparse on Summerset, leading the brothers to an exodus where their followers and them traveled to Tamriel's mainland to spread their teachings. For a time the brothers traveled together and taught any Mer who had talent on how to manipulate the earthbones of nature. This union did not last forever, however, since the brothers found themselves in an unreconcilable disagreement. Valen, the elder, believed that the earthbones should be respected in their current state and the brothers should act as wardens against tampering. Galen staunchly disagreed, defending the act of earthbone manipulation as a right to those who can master the art. The two fought to decide their differences, using their mastery of naturecrafting against one another. After days of dueling, Yalen came out victorious. Valen cemented his teachings into the cult by establishing the Greenpact in the land now known as Valenwood. Spited and enraged, Galen left his brother and their followers, traveling north to High Rock. There he found Nedic tribes of humans, suitable students even if not Mer. Galen would found the Druids by teaching these Nedes how to harness the Wild Magic potent in their lands and use them as they see fit. Neither brother lived to see the First Era but if this story is to be believed, their teachings live on and have shaped much of High Rock and Valenwood, in history and also physically.