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Mages Guild

Like all of the provinces that fall under the Empire, the province of High Rock contains a Mages Guild. Unlike other provinces however, the notion of the free learning and entry to the guild oppose the view of the Breton elite. Both competing with the University of Gwylim, as internally, the Mages Guild struggles constantly.

Order of the Lamp

The Order of the Lamp is a subsection of the Mages Guild collective, initially tasked with protecting Mages Guild locations. After the aftermath of the Warp, and the dissent between the different groups within the Mages Guild. The Order of the Lamp has expanded its influence and sees to change the vision of the High Rock Mages Guild. The order of the lamp consists mostly of battlemages, though sparingly other kinds of combat-mages are also present.

Fighter's Guild

Mercenary Guilds

Anticlere Mercenary Guild : The most well known company in the Illiac bay, often referred to as THE Mercenary Guild. Lead by the infamous and mysterious Vychamp, the group has heavy sway over the Mage's Guild and is rivals with the Scenarist Guild in the Dragontail Mountains.

Ravennia Pavisians : Crossbow wielding mercenaries, the Pavisians of Ravennia are used as footmen in standing armies and for protecting settlements. Renowned sharpshooters.

Crow's Skull Company : Made up of Reachmen exiles and their descendants, this company only accepts former members of Reach tribes. Capable of skirmishes, assassinations and reinforcing a standing army, the company is most known for their magical skills and unique reach magics.

Gavaudon Guard : The Gavaudon Guard are the largest mercenary guild in High Rock, having company halls throughout the East Illiac and Bjoulsae Basin. These troops utilize pikes and can marshal an army simply on their numbers alone, often hired by Evermore who lacks substantial levies.

Bjoulsae River Tribes, Orc Clans, Nords and Redguard companies are often hired as mercenaries as well.

Thieves Guild

Dark Brotherhood

Centaur Tribes

The Bjoulsae River Tribes

Witch Covens

The Glenmoril Witches : An all female coven, the Glenmorili worship Hircine on the Ilessan Hills.

The Fold of Aberation : A coven including both males and females, the Fold worships Sheogorath in the West Reach.

The Beldama : A coven including both males and females, the Beldama worships Mehrunes Dagon in Alcaire.

The Daughters of Wroth : An all female coven, the Daughters worship Molag Bal in the Wrothgarian Mountains.

The Witches of Easttale Estate : A coven including both males and females, the residents worship Sanguine right outside of Wayrest within the city's borders.

Sisters of the Bluff : An all female coven, the Sisters worship Vaermina south of Daggerfall.

Crones of the Flat : An all female coven, the Crones worship Namira northeast of Camlorn.

Klatch of the Woodlands : A coven including both males and females, the Klatch worships Hermaeus Mora in the forests of Gedalan.

The Skeffington Witches : Are an extinct coven of witches, worshipers of Peyrite and formerly residing in Skeffington woods before the Warp.