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Karthwasten (literally Karth-Spring in older Breto-Nordic dialects) is a trade city and the seat of the Druadachs Jarldom. It is the largest city in the Reach, and one of the larger cities of Skyrim in general. It is built upon the southern end of a mesa-like outcrop, located in the Lorchwuir Heath of the Reach, between two forks of the Karth River to the east and northwest, and the Vorngad Forest to the north and northeast.

It is ruled by Jarla Jona the Ansei-Ender, but governed by Thane Frovol the Voiceful in her absence.


Locations and services

Red Palace District

Entering through the Northgate and turning left, one enters the Red Palace District, overlooked by the eponymous Red Palace. Lining the Palace walls, there is a mix of smaller manors, commoner homes, guard quarters and a few places of service; the seedy Dancing Sabre Tavern and Iancus Vancor's armor and weapons shop. At the southeastern end of the district, there is a gate from where one can visit Dunwora, Healer and apple farmer.

Merchant District

Centered on the Bazaar and the main road going through the city, the Merchant District offers a number of services and locations of note. The Karthwasten Bazaar offers many different wares of varying quality. In the vicinity of the Bazaar, there are a number of shops including an Enchanter, a General Merchant, a Pawnbroker, an Alchemist as well as a Smith and several bakeries. Besides traders, there is an Imperial Cult Chapel, the Karthasten Guard Barracks, the Guild of Fighters and the high-end Red Ruby Tavern. Many commoners also live in the district, as well as a few minor nobles.

Southgate District

The Southgate District is walled-off compound, home to several manors. Merchant-princes and Nordic noble families make their home here in this heavily patrolled district. There are no services found here.


Following an alley from the Market District Smith, one enters the Outskirts - the poorest part of Karthwasten. The majority of this district is made out of small farmhouses, and it is home to many impoverished Reachmen and Khajiit. The district runs behind the Market District, and a significant part of it is reserved for agriculture, windwills and granaries. Near the Merchant District, the lower-class tavern The Droopy Mare is found.


To the north of Karthwasten lies the Karthwasten Docks, a small docking station from which boat transport can be hired to take you to Markarth Side.

Northeast of Karthwasten lies the Boar-Snout Clanhall.

East of Karthwasten lies the Gilded-Shield Manor, next to the road to Beorinhal.


Quests related to Karthwasten