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Beorinhal (also known as Granite Hall) is a medium sized Nordic settlement located on the edge of the Sundered Hills. It is currently ruled by Jarl Horir the Grey, and answers to the Hold-Throne of Elfstone Keep. Beorinhal is the oldest Nordic settlement in the Reach.


The fortress of Beorinhal dates back before the First Nordic Empire. It is built on a strategic location overlooking a narrow pass through the mountain ridge that separates the Sundered Hills from the Lorchwuir Heath. In those days, the Sundered Hills were a much more fertile and prosperous land, mostly home to Reachmen tribes and lording Nordic settlers. Infighting and land feuds were common among these populations, but the building of the fortification cemented Nord rule over the land, and the Reachmen were ruled with a stern hand. The city grew up around the fortress, as it was an important trade route stop between both Colovia and southern central Skyrim to the growing city-states of the west. But the local mining industry and stone quarries also served their part in the city's growth. Over the centuries, the city was a strong Nordic military power center in the often shifting borders of the Reachlands.

After the War of the Red Diamond, the fortress was now located directly on the border of a diminished and humiliated Skyrim. The fortifications were improved upon, but the population dwindled as a result of trade blockades and the generally uneasy relationship between the Nordic kingdoms and the new Crown rulers of the Reach and Karthwasten in particular. The military aspect of the city was strengthened, and came to play a large part of the local identity.

Current events

The city has seen constant decline since the loss of the Reach, even after the reconquests of the War of Bend'r Mahk. The Sundered Hills have degenerated into a drought-plagued badlands where lawlessness and banditry run wild, and the caravaners have found other routes as a result, further damaging the economy of Beorinhal.