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"Saint Veloth the Pilgrim appeared before Baranat in shining robes, and smiled upon him, “Baranat, put down your blade and I will make you swifter than bolt of lightning.” — The Prayers of Baranat

Saint Veloth "the Pilgrim" is the patron saint of Outcasts and Spiritual Seekers. In the Late Middle Merethic Era, he was a prophet and mystic who believed the Aldmer culture in Summerset Isle had become decadent. He therefore led the Chimer(the ancestors of modern-day Dunmer) into the promised land of Morrowind [1]. Saint Veloth also taught the difference between the Good and Bad Daedra [2], and won the aid of the Good Daedra for his people while teaching how to carefully negotiate with the Bad Daedra.

The Velothi Mountains are named after him, and much of the architecture of Morrowind, such as the Velothi Towers, dates from the period of Velothi High Culture, the golden age of Morrowind which is attributed to his guidance. The influence of antiquity is keenly felt, as 'Velothi' is still an accurate descriptor of the Dunmer people, and is used in connection with references to their oldest cultural traditions, as seen in the Seven Visions: "A stranger's hand unites the Velothi." [3] [4] In addition, any magical items with healing enchantments bear his name, but the most well known artifact is the powerful Veloth's Judgement warhammer, long sought by the Tribunal Temple.


Veloth's teachings of fundamentalist Ancestor Worship are still practiced by the Ashlanders who see themselves as direct descendants of the Aldmeri peoples who followed the Prophet Veloth.[5][6] Heralded by the Prophet Veloth, Boethiah is the original god-ancestor of the Dark Elves. Through his illuminations, the eventual 'Chimer', or Changed Folk, renounced all ties to the Aldmer and founded a new nation based on Daedric principles. All manner of Dark Elven cultural 'advances' are attributed to Boethiah, from philosophy to magic to 'responsible' architecture. Ancient Velothi allegories are uniformly heroic successes of Boethiah over enemies of every type, foundation stories of Chimeri struggle. The spiritual beliefs and metaphysical ideals of Lord Vivec spring directly from the teachings of Veloth, whose movement he regarded as an element of barbarism necessary to break with Altmeri culture.


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