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This timeline is under construction.

Dawn Era

(c. Early DE ???)

  • Lorkhan's heart falls to ancient Morrowind, forming the Red Mountain.

(c. Late DE ???)

  • The Dwemer arrive in Morrowind.

Merethic Era

c. Middle ME 2000

  • Aldmeri settle Tamriel and map out the coasts of Vvardenfell.
  • The High Elven towers of Ald Redaynia, Bal Fell, Tel Aruhn and Tel Mora are constructed in Morrowind.

c. Middle ME 1500-1250

  • Velothi Dissident begins in Summerset Isle in which the prophet Veloth declares the culture corrupt and decadent. He advocates for a return to traditions and ancestor worship.
  • Trinimac seeks to stop the split only to be consumed by Boethiah and excreted out to form Malacath. Boethiah advises Veloth to go east to find a land for his people. Trinimac's followers are transformed into the Orsimer and Veloth's are changed into the Chimer.
  • Veloth teaches his prophesies which renounce the worship of the Aedra in favor of Azura, Boethiah and Mephala who he referred to as the Good Daedra. He also warned of the House of Troubles who consist of Mehrunes Dagon, Malacath, Molag Bal and Sheogorath who he referred to as the Bad Daedra.
  • The Exodus begins in which Veloth's followers arduously trek through Tamriel in search of a homeland.
  • The Chimer arrive in Morrowind through the shadowgate pass in the Velothi Mountains. They continue their pilgrimage further east passing over the river Thirr.
  • Veloth dies after reaching the far east coast of Morrowind at the future site of Necrom. The Chimer found a society in their new land based on his teachings.
  • With all the best territory in Morrowind controlled by the Dwemer, the Chimer settle the wastelands after many failed skirmishes with them.

c. Late ME 1250-600

  • High Velothi Culture flourishes, creating a gold age for the Chimer.
  • Early villages are established as well as large Daedric shrines.
  • As the population of the Chimer grow, they expand outwards by establishing Velothi Towers.
  • The Dwemer tolerate their presence until envious Chimer begin to attack in order to gain better land.
  • Powerful Chimer build strongholds and try to establish dynasties. Each one is destroyed by the Dwemer who leave no survivors.

c. Late ME 600-10

  • Marks the fall of the Velothi culture in which many of the early settlements and shrines are abandoned.
  • The Dwemer are less tolerable of the Chimer after years of hostiles and destroy any settlements established.
  • Most of the Velothi, especially on Vvardenfell, degenerate into a tribal nomadic culture which persists into the third era in the form of the Ashlanders. The majority of Velothi Towers are abandoned.
  • The Altmeri Towers in Morrowind are abandoned.
  • The Dwemer expand their reach in the form of the Freehold colonies.

First Era

c. 1E 50

  • The city-state of Ebonheart is founded by the Chimer. It is the first city-state to emerge in Morrowind.

c. 1E 80

  • The city-state of Mournhold is founded by the Chimer. The king of Mournhold creates of council of tribesmen in order to fend off the Dwemer together.

c. 1E 100-240

  • The early house system takes hold. Wars rage over Morrowind between different Chimer states and the Dwemer.
  • The Dwemer device a plan to tunnel underneath the walls of Mournhold in order to attack it from beneath. They believe they will be ready to take the city in slightly over 100 years.

c. 1E 240

  • The Nords of Skyrim, led by Vrage the Gifted, conquer nearly all of Morrowind in its weakened state.
  • The Dwemer halt their plan to tunnel underneath Mournhold when they were nearly finished in order to deal with the Nords.
  • The Chimer are driven out of Ebonheart and Nords seize it for themselves.

c. 1E 416

  • Indoril Nerevar rallies the warring clans and houses of the Chimer as well as also allying with Dumac of the Dwemer.
  • With the combined forces of all of the Chimer and Dwemer, the Nords are driven out of the province.
  • After some 150 years of guerilla warfare the elves lead by Kronin Raathim retake Ebonheart. The Raathim establish their dynasty in the city, their wealth coming from the ebony mining. Kronin Raathim is crowned the king. He has at least two sons: Cruethys and Moraelyn, as well as a stepson, Ephen (or S'ephen).
  • The united Chimer and Dwemer people formed the new nation of Resdayn with Indoril Nerevar and Dumac as joint leaders.

c. 1E 420

  • The Dwemer clan, Rourken, refuses to make peace with the Chimer and chooses to instead self-exile. They travel west to establish the kingdom of Volenfell, which is in the modern land of Hammerfell.

c. 1E 420-1E 480

  • After his father's death, Cruethys Raathim begins his rule of Ebonheart.
  • The seeds of the six Great Houses begins to take root in the joining of tribes and dynasties.

c. 1E 480-1E 688

  • The council chamber in Ebonheart collapses killing Cruethys Raathim, his half-brother Ephen and their mother. Moraelyn Raathim is crowned the new king. Moraelyn, in his half-brother's honor, founds a cult to venerate the late Ephen as a god, entrusting the cult with the Staff of Chaos.

c. 1E 688

  • Kagrenac the architect, a Dwemer at Red Mountain, discovers Lorkhan's Heart. He begins constructions on a giant brass golem, the Numidium, to house the heart in the hopes of creating a god.

c. 1E 688-1E 695

  • Voryn Dagoth, leader of House Dagoth, informs Indoril Nerevar of Kagrenac's plan.
  • Strongly disapproving of this plan, Indoril Nerevar tries to negotiate with Dumac in order to get Kagrenac to stop.
  • The negotiations fail causing the start of the War of the First Council.

c. 1E 695-1E 700

  • After years of war in Morrowind, the forces of the Chimer attack the Dwemer Citadel on Red Mountain.
  • Indoril Nerevar, Voryn Dagoth and a band of companions confront and kill Dumac.
  • During the battle the Dwemer vanish mysteriously.
  • Indoril Nerevar discovers Kagrenac's tools and the Heart of Lorkhan. He orders Voryn Dagoth to guard both so he can speak with the Council.
  • Though Indoril Nerevar wants to destroy the tools his council convince him to persevere them for study. Each swears an oath to Azura not to use the tools.
  • Upon returning to Voryn Dagoth, the council find him reluctant to hand over the tools. They are forced to kill him.
  • Indoril Nerevar is killed in ambigious circumstances.
  • Seht discovers how to manipulate the Heart of Lorkhan with Kagrenac's tools and the Council decides to break their oath and use them to become living gods.
  • From the Council the Tribunal are born of which include the living gods of Almalexia, Sotha Sil and Vivec.
  • The Chimer are cursed to change into the dark skinned red eyed Dunmer. This causes them to have a much lower chance of producing offspring than before.
  • The Red mountain erupts causing a year of ash blocking out the sun for much of Tamriel.

c. 1E 700

  • With the War of the First Council over with the Great Houses and Tribunal take power in Morrowind, revoking the sovereignty of the city states.
  • Moraelyn Raathim's daughter Lian is the ruler of Ebonheart.
  • The Raathim dynasty while still very wealthy joins the ranks of House Hlaalu after losing their sovereignty.
  • The province, before this date being refered to by the Chimer as Veloth and Resdayn, is official renamed to Morrowind.
  • House Dagoth is destroyed. The members are either killed off, absorbed by the other Houses or retreat underground.

c. 1E 700-1E 2840

  • The Tribunal Temple is established, changing the dominate religion of the Dunmer from worship of the Good Daedra to that of the Tribunal.
  • The Inner Sea is created.
  • Vvardenfell becomes much more inhospitable which causes most of the Dunmer to vacate the island, leaving only the Ashlanders.
  • Many Dunmer are dismayed at their curse and seek a divine solution. While this increases worship in the Temple and Tribunal, many small cults which worship Daedra and Aedra emerge.
  • The Great Houses of the Dres, Hlaalu, Indoril, Redoran, and Telvanni gain control over all of Morrowind's mainland.
  • Dunmer embrace slavery to supplement their lack of population caused by their curse.

c 1E 2000-1E 2840

  • It is rumored that Sotha Sil dwelled underneath Ebonheart in the late years of the First Era.

1E 2840

  • Reman II declares war on Morrowind.

1E 2920

  • Morrowind is forced into a truce with the Reman Empire. Vivec hopes to broker a deal in order to end the hostiles between the Dunmer and Cyrodiil.
  • Before negotiations can conclude, Reman III and his son Juilek are murdered by the Morag Tong in the fortress near Ebonheart known as Black Gate.
  • After the destruction of Mournhold by Mehrunes Dagon, the city is rebuilt. Almalexia resides in the city, now in her name, which is then on considered the capital of Morrowind.

Second Era

2E 324

  • The Morag Tong assassinates Potenate Versidue-Shaie and is outlawed as a result.

2E 358

  • The earliest mention of a splinter group in conflict with the Morag Tong. They are said to be less strict about what contracts they take.

2E 481

  • A tourists' guide to the Dunmeri capital of Mournhold is published.

2E 572

  • An Akaviri invasion hits Morrowind from the North. Almalexia meets an army of Akaviri at the Stonefalls and with the assistance of allied Nords and Argonians fights off the invaders. Vivec teaches his people how to breath underwater and floods Morrowind to kill any surviving Akaviri.

2E 882

  • Voryn Dagoth, now known as Dagoth Ur, and his Sixth House returns and takes control of the Heart of Lorkhan at Red Mountain. The Tribunal seek to stop him but are defeated and forced to retreat. The Tribunal are significantly weakened.
  • Septim's legions invade Morrowind. With the Great Houses divided and the Tribunal weakened the Dunmeri can not hold up a proper resistance leaving only the Redoran to fight the Imperials.
  • With control of the heart, Dagoth Ur begins to construct a second Numidium.
  • Dagoth Ur starts to recruit Sleepers and Dreamers through dream sending. This begins the corpus epidemic as weak cultists became corpus beasts.

2E 893

  • Barenziah Raathim Hlaalu is born to a Lord and Lady of Almalexia.

2E 896

  • Imperial forces sack the city of Almalexia, looting the ancient hold of the Indoril.
  • The Armistice is signed and Morrowind becomes a province of the Empire of Tiber Septim. Tiber Septim was also given the pieces of the original Numidium in secret.
  • The Great Houses of the Hlaalu, Telvanni and Redoran accepted the armistice while the Dres and Indoril opposed it passionately.
  • Many Indoril nobles and their familes commit suicide after the signing of the Armistice, weakening the House's influence in Morrowind.
  • With many of the Indoril lands unoccupied, the Hlaalu and Telvanni expanded their territories.
  • By the Emperor's degree the Staff of Chaos is removed from Ebonheart and is taken to Mournhold for better protection.
  • The higher nobility of Ebonheart react drastically to recent events by putting the city to the torch, burning alive with their manors rather than yielding to the Empire's will. By the time the Imperial delegates arrive the city is ablaze and doomed.
  • An Imperial city is built atop the ruins and some rag-tail end of the Raathim clan is made the Governor.
  • Surviving Dunmer from Ebonheart cross the mouth of Thirr and found the village of Gol Mok.

Third Era

3E 42

  • The foundation stone of the Leyawiin chapel is placed underneath Ebonheart Castle along with the Hammer of Saint Kaladas.

3E 120-127

  • During the War of the Red Diamond, Ebonheart fights a proxy war against their rival Mournhold by siding with the Wolf Queen Potema showing a divide between the Raathim branches.

3E 141

  • Katariah Raathim of Ebonheart marries Pelagius Septim III, also known as Pelagius the Mad. This was seen as a politcal move by the Septims in order to placate Ebonheart.

3E 153-200

  • After Pelagius the Mad's Death, Katariah is crowned the Empress of Tamriel. She rules from outside of Morrowind and eventually dies in a minor skirmish in Black Marsh. She is later buried in the Raathim tomb underneath Ebonheart.

3E 202

  • The first and last Septim-Raathim Emperor Cassynder dies after only two years on the throne. This lessens Ebonheart's influence in the empire greatly.

3E 376

  • The thief Nightingale steals the Staff of Chaos from underneath Mournhold.
  • Helseth is born to Symmachus and Barenziah Hlaalu.

3E 389-399

  • The Imperial Simulacrum begins.
  • Symmachus is killed in a riot in Almalexia.
  • The Imperial Legion fails to respond to the conflicts in Morrowind, retreating to Cyrodiil.
  • Ebonheart wages a civil war against Firewatch.
  • The then-Lord-Marshall, Casik Farragian, claims he was also replaced with a doppelganger like the emperor so he can not be held responsible for the events in the Simulacrum. Even so he is exiled as a outlaw just in case.
  • The 'war tax' is established, forcing proviences that engaged in unlawful wars to pay the Empire compensations. Morrowind's taxes are stored in Ebonheart, returning the city to its former glory.

c 3E 414

  • New Ebonheart on Vvardenfell is constructed and the city on the mainland is renamed to Old Ebonheart.

The Present

3E 427

  • There are calls to move the provincial administration of Morrowind to Narsis from Ebonheart and Almalexia based on the offer from House Hlaalu to help pay for the upkeep of governing.