High Rock:Knightly Orders

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Major Knightly Orders

Joinable Orders

Unjoinable Orders

  • Camlorn Knights Placeholder (WIP)

Minor Knightly Orders

  • Knights of the Winter

The Knights of Winter once belonged to the fortified town of Windkeep. After the Warp in the West and assimilation of the town by Orsinium, the Knights disbanded and became part of local bandit groups.

  • Knights of the Owl

The Knights of the Owl, an old established order, incompetent due to being flooded by new members and Thieves Guild corruption.

  • Knights of the Raven

The Knights of the Raven, or also known as Ravennian Mercenaries, are expert crossbowmen.

  • The Sons of Ebon
  • Knights of the Flame

The Knights of the Flame are a collection of individual knights and soldiers who say to have experienced the Warp in the West, they are currently cloistered in the Wrothgarian Mountains. Residing in Baron [x]'s fortress.

Temple Knight Orders

  • Order of the Hour
  • Knights of the Circle
  • Order of the Lily
  • Knights Mentor
  • Kynaran Order
  • The Knights of Lady Marien
  • The Crusaders
  • The Knights of Iron