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The Dragons are a rare (and often believed to be extinct) Akaviri race of large reptilian beasts capable of flight and the ability to create fire[1]. Little is known about them beyond their remarkable intelligence and ability to communicate[2][3] with Nedic visitors to Akavir years ago. There are at least two subspecies, or varieties of dragon; red and black[4]. Their population in Akavir was killed by the Tsaesci, whereas the dragons in Vvardenfell were overrun by the invading cliff racers. It was rumored that they moved closer to Cyrodiil, and it may be for this reason that dragons are sacred to the Empire. The legends tell of their aid during wars in exchange for shelter. The avatar of Akatosh is a flaming dragon. Its relation, if any, to the Tamrielic dragons is unknown - but many stories tell of Akatosh co-mingling with and organizing groups of dragons, although this representation may be metaphorical. Peryite also takes the form of a dragon, but this is only to spite Akatosh.Template:Fact If dragons still exist at all, they are never encountered by the mortal races. It has been suggested that they may be able to shapeshift in order to disguise themselves.Template:Fact It is rumored that Tosh Raka, leader of the Tiger people of Ka Po' Tun, has succeeded in transforming himself into a dragon, a rumor which is substantiated by Mysterious Akavir.

Historically, dragons lived in and around isolated villages, located high in mountain ranges. If any of these settlements still exist, they remain undiscovered. The villages were aptly situated in areas that allowed both free flying without obstructions and flats for raising cattle. Dragons were known to keep deer and other animals for food, and their meals would simply involve flying low over a ranch and swooping down upon one of them. Dragons were also known to maintain lairs - usually in derelict mining tunnels - safe from thieves and other aggressors.Template:Fact

Young dragons, called Dragonlings, can be found around the Iliac Bay area. These can be calmed by speakers of Dragonish. Many dragon dens can also be seen around the region, although no dragons can be found within. The Akatosh Chantry hold dragons as their holy symbol, and keep tamed dragons in their "sacred grove".[5] Dragon's scales are a rare and valuable ingredient used in alchemy.

Important Dragons


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